The Forbidden Fruit and Life  

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9/5/2006 3:42 pm

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The Forbidden Fruit and Life

It is time to stop.

It is time to stop having sex with my First. She is the First because she is the first woman whom I had sex with and she will be the last as far as I am concerned now.

I lost my virginity to her last year after 40 plus years of goodiness. During those years of virginity, I often wonder what it was like to having regular sex. I was sold on those articles in magazines which extolled sex as something FANTASTIC, exhilirating and the goal of all men.(By the way, sex here means penetrating her cave)

It was the forbidden fruit for me. The forbidden fruit have been tasted many times over the past one and a half years and I am tired of it somewhat. Maybe because it is too often. I definitely do not want to bonk as many women as possible like some men. Not me athough I did this for the first 10 months after my first. (one new woman per month)
In the end, I came to the realization that I just want my First. She is the one I am comfortable with, the one I like and the one I can click with.

I realised now that normal people who have regular sex views this act in it's proper place. Well, to me, it has an important place just like eating and drinking. The main point in sex is that it is between two human being of opposite gender and it is an act of love. (yup nowadays, one has to define sex properly as the whole world has it's own topsy tury view of sex altogether)

I am thinking about stepping back to my world of celibacy. Not that I don't enjoy sex but I know now that there is more to life then sex. I know it for myself.

Frankly like my profile says - I would rather spend time chatting with women than bedding them.
The exchange of ideas, thoughts about life and perceptions of life is endless and boundless.

I will continue to write about women here and their bodies and about life. Till I find another place where I can put my blog. Anyone out there can suggest another place to blog where the `residents' are 30s and above people (since they are more matured thinking.)


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