The Beautiful Game is also Ugly  

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6/23/2006 5:42 pm

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The Beautiful Game is also Ugly

Since it is World Cup 2006, I shared this one vidoe clip I saw of this Ugly and at times Vicious game called the Beautiful Game.

It was 1966 - England.
Pele the magical Brazilian forward had made his name.
His thoughts of the beautiful game
Never prepared him for the ugly and vicious side that's taint.

It was against Bulgaria
Whose coach must have told his players to mark him DEAD !
And not allow this Pele to play his game.
I think in the heat of the moment
DEAD to some of the players means Break His Leg!

This scene plays out again and again
Surprising and maybe he was young
Pele survived the game.
Ended up with severe bruises and tears of pain.

Three Bulgarians went after him
The first missed him completely and slided past
The second knocked him, made him wobbled but he kept the ball and his balance
The third went in for his legs
No second thought! No mercy shown!
Pele's legs were hit HARD!
He fell, collided by BRUTE FORCE aimed at his legs!
The ball was missed completely and rolled out of touch.

He laid in pain and his attacker hovered over him
An innocent stance he took
The referee a blind man he never used the book.
Ladies and Gentlemen, this vicious game
Is also called The Beautiful game
When referees don't get a grip
Possibly bribed to hold their BEEP!

Pele I remembered was in tears
As he was carried out with a First Aider on each side of him.

Brazil eventually lost the Cup in England 1966.

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