Steamy Sex Scenes On Film that were Real  

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8/11/2006 7:08 pm

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Steamy Sex Scenes On Film that were Real

At least to me they were real

1. Bela Donna - where Natasha Hendridge was banged on the beach by a Middle East guy who was supposed to be a fisherman. He had the hard body. She had the soft skin. He sure lost his head at the end cumming loudly.

2. Basic Instinct - Where Sharon Stone was shagged many times during the film. Most of the time the offender was M Douglas. I remember reading later that he demanded to play the part of the detective after reading the script and meeting Stone's face and body (that was when she was largely unknown)

3. Original Sin - Never saw the film. Only the video clip of the bedroom scene. Jolie was bonk by Banderous for a good 2 minutes on film. In the front, from the back, oral and sitted up. They probably did it longer than that after many takes. An article said that Banderous' wife was on set to ensure that nothing was happening between Banderous and Jolie. Wonder how she managed to do that? Did not see any other woman in the sex scene.

4. Monster Ball - Halle Berry asked Bill Thornton's character for a good time. `Will you make me feel good?' She was literally crying `Come and fxxx me!'
The longer clip brought Thorntons testicles into view as Berry rocked back and forth on top of him. His balls were stretched back and forth! Where else can his rod go except inside Berry's cave? Cameraman was not too discreet was he. No wonder Bill was cumming so hard. Like a man deprived of release for months. Actually that was what the story was about.

5. Wild Orchid - Carre Ortis bonk by ? Forgot his name. Mickey Roukre I think. This was one long sex scene towards the end of the story. Review said it looked so real. Now we know it was.
They enjoyed it so much they got married soon after the show was completed. Doing sex legally is the better option still.

And there were countless sex scenes where actors and actresses had a good time together. No one is saying 'cos actors are to keep this part secret. No way they are going to be deprived of this privelege.

I suspect those who have blankets covering their waists may not actually have entry.
But then who is to say sex starts below the waist and ends below the waist?

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8/12/2006 7:02 am

hmmm i wonder if u have those videos then???

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