Sat Evening - Thoughts  

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7/8/2006 2:37 am

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Sat Evening - Thoughts

Well ... it's done.
The first part of it anyway.
I look forward to seeing what she promised me
The documents of the transaction, the photos of the house
Shake off the feelings
There's no basis thus.

Thoughts ...
How they affect us
Makes us happy, laugh
Yet cause us worry, anxieties and lead to lusts.

A guy can stare at a buxomy girl
While another nearby couldn't care less
His mind so pre-occupied with his tasks.

So what we think makes us
The outward health arises from that discipline of inward thoughts.

Imaginations can make us angry
Thoughts that have no substantiation
Thoughts can cause one stress
Over things that one cannot de-link from the past.

What one thinks make us who we are
Whether peaceful and calm
Or highly emotional and a chaotic bum.

Thoughts ...
We discipline our thoughts
We make ourselves happy
With happy scenes from our past
And present ones that will always be on our hearts.

Thoughts ...
Man worry too much
And lose the joy of a happy heart
Worn down by the cares in this world
A nervous wreck are many today not some.

Thoughts ...
My thoughts I determine
Focus on what I want
I am not a slave and trapped by my mind
More a Master in the light of what I have become.

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