Of Sex and Men  

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Of Sex and Men

I cannot share the site name - sbf
To protect the not-so-innocent I guess.
Those in sg should be able to catch on to what this site is.

I hate this site sbf.
I think it cheapens women.
On one side I think it is alright to let off thoughts about a taboo subject.
On the other hand it is another issue when you have sex with a woman and then go shooting your mouth off. Sharing with others what this woman have done for you.
The sharings on the forum somehow makes me enthralled and then sickens me.

I am no innocent now I guess
And even if I am, to me it is still the same
Some will say `The Pot calling the Kettle black'
But still I've got to...got to ... say my piece.
To get some peace.

Even if we do it
Can't it be quiet
Leave out the details
Just do your horny part without publicity can't it be this way ?
I harken to the days when the movie stars were coupling
Before you can say "Wait!" The lights are fading.
The rest is up to your imagination and craving. But then it is morning and the birds are chirping.

One last thing that was rather corney
In Chinese shows that went slow
Was that when the virgin was going to be broken
Or some illicit sex was going to take place
It always thunders and rain with abandon
The window is shown as the couple moves out of range.
I think this preserves the mystery of sex
Whether it is for good or for bad
I still consider this way as the best.

Well.. I'm sure those who have STDs do retire
They withdraw from the scene and suffer in silence
No more active, another digit of the past.
These are the ones whom we should think of
Before we do our bonking action we'd better forestall.

I wonder at my actions
As I seek to warn my First about hers
But chances are slim each time we are together
Money or Desperation for it, is her game
If back to herself there's nothing to gain
When you have little education and no road to keep sane.
I guess a ruthless approach you have to adopt
When you are poor and nothing seems to be at stake.
As I heard from her this matter-of-fact response
`If I get it, I just go back to my hometown
That is all.'
When I brought up the issues of STD and AIDS.

STDs and AIDs.
It's the most sorry thing that a sexually active men could get
A death knell to one's irresponsible act
And if I get it I know
It will be from my First and no one else.

I've had a strange woman of late
I think this year I have made one mistake
By calling a ad that says `Professional Massage'
But when she started stroking me
I knew immediately it was farce!
And when I made it known
The Eurasian woman was afraid
Pleading with me not to tell her boss
Or call the office and file a complaint.
You see her `job' is on the line
And if she is no good
She's going to have to fly back
To her hometown with extra cash just in her mind.

I'll stick to external with my First
No more entry no matter how desperate I am
I guess as I said before what I want
To find some company to relief this numb(ness)
I don't need that kind of intercourse
As much as one of verbal - talk
A company with a woman who will keep me company And pass the lonely nights by listening to her story.

There are other things I've seen overseas
Very sad as it is due to poverty.
But for now till later today
I will cover something overseas called the `Fish Tank'.

Tottering between right and wrong.

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