My Urge II  

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5/13/2006 9:02 pm

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My Urge II

Sometimes I forget that it is there
I go about my life without a care
Until I see my colleague up close
And sudden desires within me rose in heavy dose.

The thoughts begin to form
Imaginations start to run wild >>!

When I am with my colleague alone
And there is no one at that time around.

Why do I have to work with her ?
It's making my life uncomfortable.
Especially when we are up close
I feel the urge within me stirs and grows.

I see her face admire her form *Y*
She knows I am looking at her so.
`She's married !' The thought so quiet and feeble it comes across
With both of us leaning close towards
The screen that holds our work in front of us.

At times the silence is so loud
I've noticed her nostrils flare at last.
She knows, she knows I'm looking at her
She knows, she knows I desire her.
She sense it more than once each time I look at her.

With the urge raging between my legs
I played out the scene with her as my date.
It is another place, my place
She turns her head and gives me a smile
That moment in my dream when time stood still.

I led her by the hand to the bed nearby
Removed her clothes and opened her thighs
Her innocent face in front of me as I look down
My burning loins find out inside her
There's comfort, warmth and ecstacy around.

I'm driving myself deeep into her cave
Sucking her tits and eating the cake.
Kissing her mouth and licking her lips.
As she moans and call my name.
For a some time this fantasy I played
Until the moment my urge geets hotter then hot and I expel, ...\8
Through the rod, the pole, the meat, the stick
Many names it is called to which I am enslaved.

Exhausted, exhilirated, guilt and shame
Engulfed my heart for some time again.
I cleaned myself and took my pills.
Tomorrow day it will be alright I know
When I see her face and work with her again.

Sigh ...
I am a slave to this urge \8
Which for some time more will never die.
Maybe ... at least for the next 10 years.

14th April 06
1200 hrs

Edited on 15th at 1940 hrs

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