My New Masseuse - A PRC Woman  

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9/8/2006 6:32 pm

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My New Masseuse - A PRC Woman

I found a Masseuse who can really do the job and we click. She is a PRC.

It's been about 3 months since I visited this massage center and it is really serious about their work. NO hanky panky here.

The massage beds are divided by translucent curtains, pretty cramp but - what the heck! - the massage is great. By the end of the day, these hard working women have bags under their eyes. I can see that it is as tough running a 21 Klick.

I brought this PRC woman out for the first time last weekend. We went to UTD Square for dinner. She is at least in her late 30s with beautiful features - big eyes, straight nose, full lips, soft hair , a firm body with some fat around the waist. Generally very good for her age.

Most importantly we can talk.
I am thinking of asking her to go overseas with me for 3 days two nights. Just for company. I have been travelling alone so often these past few years, that I am bored.

She can massage me every night provided she is willing cos I will pay all expenses for the trip.

I have not forgotten my First. But she has not massage me for the last 3 times I visited her. I am disappointed and not happy at all. I keep telling her `I came here for massage first and foremeost. Sex is not the first priority..'

Seems she still hasn't accepted this. She keeps telling me other men are not interested in massage when they come. Sigh .. `Those are other men. I am I. So please get to work.' Then she slaps my naked butt! Then she pinch my nipples ! Ouch! Outrageous!

I am thinking of leaving her if she continues this non-massage sessions. I really like her but maybe it is time to leave. I wish I can do more for her. Get her to change to another job.

Maybe I have done enough already. Remember the house down payment in KL. She still talks about it. Well least she remembers.

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