My Dick Is Hard.  

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9/11/2006 11:06 am

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My Dick Is Hard.

This is the common comment I get from the women whom have fondled my manhood to full throttle.

From their comments it seems I have one of the - if not THE - hardest pole they have ever encountered. Each woman usually say `You are very hard.' in Chinese.

Some have been hurt when they sat on top of me. Others like my First learned to accomodate me in a position that was comfortable for them.

Today's Masseuse - a PRC - also said this as she stroke me to full length. At the end of the climax I was still hard and standing. She seemed impressed and she said `You are hard still. A woman could been hurt by your entry. But at least you are gentle in your love making.'I am nonchalant about the compliment since I have heard this from many women before. And yes. I am a gentlemen in sex.

Anyway, it seems - from articles I've read - the reason for a hard rod is due to constant masturbation. If this is so, it would explain why I am as hard as a pole even after the climax.
40 years plus of masturbation have created a mini-monster between my legs.

The other reason could stem from my active sporting life. Exercie leads to more testerone. More testerone means greater need to exercise and this builds up my sex drive. If I need to enter a woman more than once, I have plenty of reserve energy. Sorry ... not energy, power!

As it is , I am content with bonking a woman for an hour. It is usually is more than enough for her.

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