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Mother is in her 70s now.
We treated her to a birthday dinner yesterday night. Her day co-incides with Mother's day.

I remember Mother as -
1. Doing the laundry day and night.
2. As the one who taught me to be careful with money and scolded me for buying unnecessary things ( but still I did ).
3. The dedicated chef whose food I missed after moving out. Whose food the children did not appreciate until they moved out.
4. The one who came all the way from home to deliver my exercise book when I was in Secondary school. I felt really sad. I feel guilt for that. Was it so important that I had to call home for it ?
5. The one who boiled soup - tonic soup- for me to drink - so as to be healthy and strong.
6. As one who is seldom appreciate, taken for granted as she keeps the home clean, spick and span, wash our clothes, iron them, sew our buttons and cook our meals.
7. The one who put up with my Dad's uncaring ways, bad temper and arrogant face. ( But now he is old and less arrogant then before but still ... )
8. The one who's always there where Dad was not. And almost everything one can share with her.
9. The one concerned for me and my sister too. The only members of the family still unmarried.

My Mother is not well educated only Primary school. But as far as I am concerned, she is an example of what a mother should be given her context and situation.

Now she is old and frail. Her skin hangs on parts of her body and she is often tired too.
I will show more kindness to Mom in these last years.

14 May 06
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