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Money is an issue for many
It is looked at different ways
Let's have another look at it today
Yes in a different way.

If we have lost all our Money
Is that the end?
Will we like one whose business fail end their lives ?
Another that loses at the horses does the same
Bring on the night.

Is it the love of Money that causes strain
In many a people's life ?
A wrong perspective of what Money is
It's place not properly defined for us to see.

How many view Money as a means to save someone
To contribute to another less fortunate `grunt'?
How many sees that what one earns can be given out
Not hoarded deep within one self?
How can we who earn become one ready to give to those discerned in need not want?
What is true freedom when having Money
All for one's life, just for oneself?
Shound't one be practical and responsible as far as one can see?

What if I knew
My life will end in one week's time
How will I give?

What if I knew the end of the world is coming soon
In 3 months time at noon
How will I see Money now?
How will I use it somehow?

What if the World Banks can be seen
To collapse in totality a has-been
In 3 months time
And the value of the Money I have
Will be less than half of what it is today
How will I spend it given this time?

I need a fresh perspective of Money I know.
This is what I want it's so.

Money a means to an end
The better off to help the poorer
Losing it all is not the end of one's life.
Let not the perception of Money as security Hold me from venturing ahead.

Freedom I seek from the hold of Money
Freedom of life I seek to be mine
As a saying is told `It is more blessed to give than to receive.'
Let us see how things will go.

rm_Eric0072005 52M
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7/7/2006 7:41 pm

Dear Kate,

You've said it
`At the end, LOVE indeed is the greatest need of man'.


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