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Marvel Heroes

They were part of my growing years
They shaped my fantasy of men and women
Men as muscular, six pecs, hard and just.
Women with narrow waistlines, beautiful and athletic.

My favorite artists/inkers were Jim Kane for Iron Man, George Perez who drew the Avengers and then Dare Devil. When they left for other pastures, I gave up the comics as the drawings sucked! I kept those 12 months of comics for many years before I gave them away. Sigh ...

I love the Avengers above all others. Second was Iron Man.
They were my favorite Marvel Heroes in those growing years. The main grouse I have is that up till today, for every 2 page of story, there are two page of adverts.

Boy, it was expensive isn't it? But for an hour or so as I read and admire the art of that month's comic, I was transported to another universe. The good guys can do everything to set the universe right and you feel a part of them. Sigh... those days are gone ...

The following were some of my favorite

1. The Vision - he could slip through floors , doors, buildings and a man's body. By solidfying he can destroy most anything.

2. Wanda the Witch - his wife. She is gorgeous and deadly. This is one woman you don't want zapping you.

3. Wonder Man - the 3rd party in a complicated and somewhat confusing history of events.

4. Iron Man - Had his own story and comic but he was part of the Avengers. He was seldom around. As usual immersed in his oil business ?? and womanising. Somehow I did not get this womanising thing. Was he really that type?

5. Captain America - was evergreen. From WWII he existed till modern times due to some time travel. He stands on his own with his costume. I find him outstanding as a Superhero.

But for now, these are the Heroes that I grew up with. Maybe next time I will share about another great guy DD or Dare Devil. And why I loved his character.

Superman and Wonder woman made up DC comics heroes. ( No, I never liked Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. She may be beautiful and busty but the series, was to me, an embarassment to the DC Comics Wonder Woman. She was was so much more. )

Eric in Marvel
I was young but now I am old.
But I will never forget the past
From where I came from

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