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Life is about

As I think about how we have come to till today, I realize that whatever we have gone through in our growing years actually determine what we are today and contimue to be tomorrow. This knowledge has more implications and deep lasting effect than the normal person in the street realize.

My sensitive nature makes me more susceptible to negative and non-encouraging comments. I realize now that these effects carry on for a long time and possibly even throughout one's lives. This mars and hinders growth and development as a person.

What are the effects for me?
I tend to take wholesale what people say about me. Though one may be older but it may not necessarily wiser. Take the type of people in certain governments nowadays. This revelation bring me to tears as I realise how much pain I have gone through. I failed to comprehend certain aspects of life.

They are -
1. Not everything said by others about us is necessarily true.
2. Senior people may not be accurate as they are humans too. ( ie fallible and dead wrong at times )
3. Knowledgeable people in their working field are not necessary good character readers or good at handling people.
4. People can say many things from their own motives, even to hurt and gain an advantage over others.
5. Each of us must learn to evaluate all comments and criticism from others always.
6. Though we are called to learn at every point in time, I feel most of us benefit more from people who are compassionate, show care and concern instead of those who are demanding and cold.
7. In general, man needs more encouragement to move in the direction of what is right . The reverse need not be encouraged as we will by nature do what is wrong.
8. The best way to help a person grow is to provide a mature mentor by his or her side. One who comprehends these facts of life.
9. Each of us must determine our own paths and destiny. This is vital for meaningful existence. Let no one say at the end of our lives, he/she affected me negatively and led to the trouble I am in today.
10. In life, we choose our own destiny beyond the age of 12.

We come closest to meeting a person who cares for one’s well being normally by chance. That is we normally stumble upon such people. Too caught up in our school life first - to get results , to play - and later in working life - to get results again! and to enjoy ourselves - to find someone to help us in this area, if we find them.

For those who comprehend what I am sharing, may it help you to go on from here.

Better if there is a close friend who can give objective assessment. Reason out the `whys’ this is not true or the truth of the matter in a way that motivates you to change or to improve.
The main aim is to be more than what we are, not tied down by every single comment that comes pur way.

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