Lessons I Learnt These 7 Years staying alone  

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8/18/2006 5:49 pm

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Lessons I Learnt These 7 Years staying alone

1. It can be damn lonely ... at times.
2. It can be pretty peaceful and serene. Like Ann.
3. You can surf wherever you want on the I-Net without looking over your shoulders.
4. You can bring a woman home anytime to bonk because it is your home. No, I have not done this yet. Dun think I want to. My place in a mess!

Clothes -
1. The clothes should ot be soaked for more than a day. Yucks! The water feels queezy And I feel sick when I smell it.
2. The clothes should be washed after 5 hours of soaking - ideal case.
3. White shirts are a constant headache. Esp neck lines and arm sleeves. I give up buying white.
4. Damp clothes must be hung out to dry immediately ! Or else it will gather bacteria again and stink worse than the first time.

Food -
1. You must check your food life date weekly.I have spoiled so many food and furits becasue I was not monitoring them.
2. You must consume fresh food within the week. Dun forget like I do. Fresh becomes bad because of neglect.
3. You must not put things into the fridge and forget they are there.

Firdge -
A single's fridge is always empty and dull.
(Hey! I'm jus being practical.) At times there is practically nothing inside except water.

The Room -
Needs to be cleaned at least once in the day and once befroe you sleep. Or else you will feel like it is the desert forming here.

To be continued ...

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