Learning Chinese Again  

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7/9/2006 3:55 am
Learning Chinese Again

a o e i i u u: (last letter how to type? Two dots on top )
b p m f d t l k h
j q x
zh eh sh y
z c s y h

I started my Basic Chinese Class yesterday
Something I had wanted to do for many years
On record I am only good at Primary 6
Obtained `B' actually for my PSLE final.
But then I asked that the Tuiton teacher be kicked out!
And in Secondary School my Chinese nose-dived, Don't have to tell you my results.

The push came in the form of a leaflet handed out when I was walking around City Hall recently.

Frustrated I am at the lack of a second language
Especially here in old sg
Where many of us are Chinese you see
And yet darn it, my vocab is pathetically weak!

Some of the people I wanted to converse on deeper issues but was unable to due to this are
1. My Mom - Mainly Chinese Ed.
2. My First - speaks Chinese, Malay and Cantonese
(Aiyah ... my Cantonese sucks also!)
3. Older people I want to talk to since I have time and often walk around my neighbourhood. Keeping them company for a while is good for my soul.

Keep updating your Second or Third Language if u have it. Don't waste it esp after hours studying it.
Read aloud to yourself if you have to every week.
This will keep it fresh in your mind.
You will never know when u need it.

YOU are one up over others who speak only one language.

Dajia Zaijian
Everyone Goodbye for now.

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