Kiss Kiss  

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Kiss Kiss

She refused to let me kiss her at first
Putting a price on it made me thirst
`No man have ever kissed me !'
That's what she says
Until sometime this year.

I paid the price to kiss her lips
Persistent it was to say the least
And she closed her eyes
To let me try ... her lips.

`Ouch!Your bristles hurt'.
I softly apologised and pressed her lips
I felt her smile as I pursued the kiss
It's nice somehow
Maybe because I like her or something more ?
Because some feeling present there
The kisses with her was out of this world.

She could see after a while
How dearly I valued the kisses with her
Much more so then that love making for sure.
And yet kissing is part of it, isn't it ?

Every time she refuses
I wonder is she testing me
For when she gives in
I see a mischievious grin
That flashes a while that can be seen.

A kiss is something more than 2 pair of lips coming together.
But only with that someone will chemistry take place.
Not just anyone will I find this kind of special kiss I know.

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