I love Massage  

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6/5/2006 9:57 pm

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I love Massage

I love massage
The masseur too
If we see eye to eye
And we can click.

Never a better massage than one
Where the masseur knows her stuff and does it right
The one that's true and real for all
Each aching muscle that cry outright.

Ever since I've been exercising more
From running, swimming and cycling now
With gym in between this background
My body muscles they shout `Help! Yes HELP!'

The room is soothing to say the least
The smell of amoretherapy leaves
I'm laid out on the soft carperted floor
She comes in quietly through the door.

I'm in good hands as she kneads my back
The neck needs more tender loving care
The shoulder blades adore
Those firm circular motions `I need more !'

`Oh my ...' I groan these blissful thoughts
She soothes my pain and aches away
I feel I'm in heaven every time
I'm handled by her firm soft hands.

Here comes the legs yes one by one
She slides her hands from toe to knee
And following that from thigh to knee
Kneading here and kneading there
Soothing tensed muscles that are bare.

`Turn over, please.' her voice was soft.
I was in heaven and bliss
And now I see that pretty face
The owner of those hands of Eve.

She kneads my arms one by one
I'm admiring her face seeking her eyes
This quiet room that's filled with scent
Makes one intoxicated too.

Then I realised and blushed
`O Dear...' A tent is raised \8
I choose to ignore this turn
Of one's total embarassment.

It seems she does not notice it
Although her hands do brush me not a bit
The towel still covers my standing tool
I guess this cover is important. Man,it's cool.

Before you know the hour is past
She's patting my butt
And all over my back
The massage has ended at last.
Alas ... so fast.

I never wanted this bliss to end
But Hey! now I feel like a new man again!

Bring on the World !

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