First Sunday Free  

rm_Eric0072005 52M
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9/10/2006 12:27 am
First Sunday Free

Today is the first Sunday afternoon I am free.

The past few months have been pretty hectic with Sports and Half Marathons Runs etc. If I have any of these events in the morning, I normally sleep away the afternoon and feel too tired to do anything else.

Thankfully the Chinese Class have been re-arranged to fall only on Sat afternoons - extended hours so that we can have a break from activities. Phew !

Now after a 30 lap swim, I am preparing to do some reading and writing of my Chinese notes. It 's tough learning a second language but it's made worse when you don't put in time to revise and practice. Consider that we paid for the course motivates me to make more effort to buck up and discipline myself.

Later a 20 minute shut-eye and then I will clean up my spare room of the dry laundry that are strewn across the room. Then another hour to clear up the mails that have choked up my post box. Grrrr... I just hate mails. Bills make me nervous. There is this summons that I thought I paid up - for crossing a double white line. Damn it! I thought I paid up! $130 and 4 demerit points! Sucks!

Anyway relax a bit. I have 2 cute moon cakes by my side and a glass of Crandbury Juice at hand. Yum Yum. Th weather is also cool today. Just nice.

Hope you all have a nice Sunday too.

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