Finding your path in this Life.  

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5/22/2006 12:25 am

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Finding your path in this Life.

Each of us finds our path
In this journey of life.
We wrestle with insecurities, fears
And the choices we make.

No one understands the effort that takes
So much of oneself to go through each date
The turmoil and feelings that exists
The struggles that are not fake.

We can be really lonely
As we look outside our state
And wonder if others
Are going through somewhat the same like said.

Many seem happy, confident in their gait
Whilst others you don't want to know
Choose to shuffle through life
Until they are dead.

I must find meaning in this path I take
For once I am gone it will be too late
And no one will be more sorry
Then oneself within
As we didn't take the chance to move something, To make some meaning out of life today.

22 May 06

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