Father's Day and the Kids  

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6/17/2006 6:47 am

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Father's Day and the Kids

Today we took Daddy amd Mommy out for Father's Day. My brother took his 3 kids along.

I love my sisters's kids - so lively, so handsome and so cute.
They're all in Primary School now
Each one causing much concern in different fields.

One plays Badminton in school
Another Swims for the reserve school team
The third is mischievious just by having his looks.
And I love each of them through and through.
The youngest is so animated
I had a good time at the dinner table just watching him.

And so 3 generations apart were at the dinner tonight. My Daddy is now 70 + and so is Mommy.

Sigh ... Why can't Daddy change
Although he's done his job
And yet the relationship is not really there.
Or maybe I am not fair.

Just thinking after all these years
The things in my heart I cannot find the courage to share
Cos knowing him
I think he will not hear me out or care.

Maybe all I want to say is
All his bad habits, his short temper
And all that
Maybe it really is not fair.

Never mind.
Another Father's Day is past
The days are short
And we must find for ourselves
Someone to help us ours burden to share.

If that someone is really out there.

To all Good Fathers out there


rm_naerxo8989 42M
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6/17/2006 10:10 am

Happy Father's Day Too.

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