Emotions a trap  

rm_Eric0072005 52M
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6/18/2006 8:24 am
Emotions a trap

Emotions can be a trap
When it is negative to say the least
For man it may be worse
As they cannot express their hurt.

Men do not share so much
Of feelings we all know
This it's said is one of the reasons
Man die early while women grow old.

Men keeps the image
Of a macho man for what it's worth
But deep within is a volcano
That can rumble long and in due time explode.

Men do not cry in public
As mothers told us not to
Bottled up we are inside
Leading to much frustration untold.

Men has emotions too
It's never revealed
But bouts of anger shown in flashes
Is someone crying out from within a mess.

If we can release our emotions
With someone to talk to
Life as a man would be easier to go through.
Women at void decks yakitty yakking away
Now that really is good therapy
Finding relief the women's way.

However having mentioned all of the above, somehow a man will never choose to show his inner self to another man.
This I believe is due to a dysfunctional perception that he must act the strong man at all times and all will be well.

Sigh ! Die early more likely !
Life is such...

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