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Children ...
The future of the Nation
Yet we are laden these past many years
With sissies, scoundrels and brats
That many fear will turn out
To be no more than that.

Blame it on the parents ...
Parents will say `Blame it on the schools'.

Those who think about it will admit
Our family - the main line of defence
Have badly crumbled ... in defeat
In the face of the nation's progress beat.

Materialism is the order of the day
The price our children that is paid.
More than ever it is today.

The nations's future is never so bleak
As of now we all can see.

Despite the exciting times ahead
The underlying movement of things
Have left thinkers scratching their heads
How to arrest birth's falling rates
And draw out the goodness of youths we create.

Just one precious life they have
When not properly honed and tapped
Becomes a vagrant by the side
Of society's bright future of the past.

I see many nowadays
Hanging around these holidays
Aimless it is to say the least
I shudder to think where this will lead.

Expect an older me around
Being kicked and pushed by them somehow
In years to come it's what I see
Whether it be neigbhourhood street
Or somewhere Down Town east.

6th June
0825 hrs

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