Aybss - Inside  

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7/10/2006 7:21 pm

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Aybss - Inside

I was detached
I didn't feel whole
No, I wasn't whole.
Something was amiss
But I didn't know
Somethig was wrong somehow.

Emotions adrift as I look outside myself
And others are nobody
I have lost touch with self
No more running or jogging or going out
The sun shone bright
But in my eyes each day was night.

A friend kept calling
I loathe to share
Did not want him near and yet
Did want some company for my fears.

I had this pain during that time
That nearly drove me out of my mind
Now reflecting I wondered `Why?'
Why this pain ?
What was in my brain at that time?

Thankfully it was contained
As I struggled so hard to retain
Whatever senses I had that remain.

I learnt empathy during the period of my abyss.
I felt great pain when I read reports of people who were depreseed and committed suicide. There were quite a number during that period of my life.

If only I was there ...
I would reach out and say `Come here.'
`It's alright. There's someone here who can connect. Come here, sit down and share.'

If only I was there ...
`Let's work this out together. And we will travel this road knowing the endless nights will turn to light.'

`It's alright. You are not alone in this. I'm from the night. So it's alright because I am here to be with you. To help you through your nights.'


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