A Man's Six Packs  

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6/22/2006 5:48 pm

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A Man's Six Packs

A man's six packs are more important than anything I know.
It sounds crazy but then it is is so.

I saw this footballers 8 packs recently on show
I think it was a Tongo striker that took off his shirt after the game and woahhhhhh ...
8 packs nicely defined. Oh Myyyyy. O MY!
What wouldn't I give for just six of those 8.

A lot of hard work it needs
To bring out the definiton of what is in
Behind layers of fat it is
Every man does have these 6 I've read.

Lots of sit-ups and crunches too
Right twists, left twist
Dun break your neck.
Dun give up till the 100 is reached
Plus cycling miles and miles to shed those fat
That hovers - shivering - around my waist
Reduce the fatty food I say
Less of MacDonald these days.

I am preparing for my Triathlon
1 week more I've got to train.
Sweat more till Monday night
Then rest and eat to face that day
Reduce the mileage to aid recovery
Boy I am getting pretty nervous now
Not as prepared as I want to be
My first Tri it is I must say.

Six packs! Six packs!
Show yourself
For one reason to hear girls swoon
With such a bod I rise from the sea
After my swim to a chorus of Ooooos...

Yes six packs then I know you are there
Unless some greater bod behind me
It's him they stare.
Boy, then. I will be so embarrassed
Thinking it was me.
I never suck in
That's why six packs cannot be seen.

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