A Father  

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A Father

What is a Father ?
What should he be like ?
What would I want him to be like ?

I think that fathers have one of the greatest influence over a child's life. More than he realize. Together with mother they bring a healthy bouncing baby into this life but that is just the beginning.

For the next 12 years, they have that one opportunity to make him or her good,
inculcating all that is good in their eyes to the kid. Whether it is through caning, scolding and as the years grow with understanding, speaking to the kid, father and mother must exercise this responsibility or ALL may be lost !

At the same time, father have to help mother to be more of what she is. At times mother is too soft on the kids and generally will be throughout the child's upbringing.

Strangely the two of them bring balance to the force - in the words of the Jedi Knights. On one side - father is the disciplinarian while on the mother - 0 mother - is the comforter. Mother is the bolster to hold on to after the pain of a whacking. Really without both of them, my siblings and I would never be where we are. Of course we are not perfect and each of us choose our paths after the initial 18 years. But because of them, we are generally well adjusted people and good citizens.

We went through an education, hold a job and now we are returning to them the care and concern they showered on us on the earlier years.
Their time is shorter than before. So we must do what is good for Father and mother. There is no turning back.

If only he will come to a stage where he recognizes he is too arrogant, too proud and could be kinder to mother. More patient with mother even as he struggles with his own frailties in his old age.

I will never know what it means to be a father. But the closest is when I have some time with my nephews and nieces. It is truly fulfilling to play with the kids - exasperating they can be at times. I do not have so much energy - huff puff - chasing them or talking with them many a time.

Eric the Single

A Poem
What Regrets ?
When the time comes
It is all over and done
Let's do what we can today
And fulfill all we can
So that there will be no regrets.

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