A Cold Wind After A Bath  

rm_Eric0072005 52M
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8/19/2006 8:01 am
A Cold Wind After A Bath

This night as I stepped out of my bathroom, a blast of wind hit me triggering my defence mechanism to keep warm by shivering.


From the day I was old enough I knew that I could never travel to cold countries nor do I want. It is a basic survival instinct. I'd rather visit the Gobi desert than be caught in a place like UK or Germany where most of the time, it is cold.

It is not without a great deal of irony that I go swimming even when it is rainy December period. Did you know that the pool is near freezing at times esp during the evening?

There was one time last year when I went down to the swimming pool. The life-guard told me as I walked along the edge that the water is cold. If he being so big and solid say that, it is really cold! But mad hatter that I am, I just got to swim!

I jumped in like a frog burnt on my backside and swim like a madman for the first 4 laps. After that the body warms up and it is conditioned to the water. Even though I can feel the cold on my skin, the inner engine room is running warm.

That is how a person survives in the sea. It is only when he succumbs to the cold from the outside with prolonged exposure will his engine room freeze up. His heart and lungs will stop working as it is too cold. Remember the film `The Day After Tomorrow? Terrible way to die.

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