Erotica two  

rm_Enphinitee 40M
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6/21/2006 1:48 am
Erotica two

I come up behind you while your sitting at the computer and the first thing that lets you know I am there is my hand in your hair as I pull you to your feet You try to speak but the fingers of my other hand are in your mouth, gagging and quieting you. I spin you to face me and force you to your knees before me My cock is hard and out and I quickly replace my fingers with it I fill your mouth and your throat with my cock and as I fuck your face you begin to feel the pleasurable sting of my whip on your back You feel my cock getting really hot and hard and suddenly I pull out I force you down on your hands and knees, step behind you and rip your panties off I spit on my fingers and quickly lube your ass and with one hard thrust I am balls deep in you I begin to smack your ass with each hard thrust until my thrusting becomes erratic Suddenly I pull out and with in seconds you feel a hot molten spray on your back Spent you collapse and I leave you there covered in my cum to sleep it off

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