Erotica Six  

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6/21/2006 1:51 am
Erotica Six

I was asked to write a story that leans more towards the Masochistic side. Here it is, I hope you like it, you know who you are.

Sleep slowly leaves her. Her eyes open in the darkness, as she begins to register the sound of the radio. Slowly she wakes up. She looks at the clock. He’ll be home in an hour or so. She goes to the bathroom and cleans herself. She checks herself in the mirror, positions her collar just right, applies the essential oil of jasmine, and pulls her hair back into a neat ponytail. She looks at the clock, he’ll be soon.
She goes in to the bedroom and straightens the bed, turning it down for him. Her phone rings once and stops. She grabs his slippers and goes to the door and kneels and waits for him. As he walks in, she crawls behind Him while kneeling; she softly closes the door behind Him. She keeps her eyes down and waits. He sets his stuff down and sits down on the sofa. Quickly she’s in front of him untying His shoes and removing them. She puts his slippers on. His hand on her head, rubbing her scalp and playing in her hair bring such a feeling to her. She smiles and her pussy dampens.
He releases her hair and says, “Start my shower”.
She gets up and goes to the bathroom. In a few moments, she returns and kneels before him. “It is ready Master.”
He rises and undresses. He grabs her head, burrowing deep into her hair, and shoves his erect cock in her mouth. She sucks hard and caresses him with her tongue, as he fucks her face. He pulls out and slaps her face with his cock. First slapping one cheek then slapping the other. “Do you love my cock?”
“Yes Master, I love it.”
“What are you, a whore?”
“Yes Master, I’m your whore Master”
“Really?” And with out warning, he shoves his cock back in her mouth, pulling her head hard to his groin, forcing it all the way in until she gags. He then pulls out an inch or so and then thrusts hard, going balls deep into her throat. Again and again, he fucks her gagging mouth and throat. When he stops, he releases her head and she collapses.
“Put these clothes away and then come wash me,” and heads to the shower.
She chokes for a second, and fights the urge to vomit. She would be punished for that, and her last punishment still pains her. She picks up his clothes, empties the pockets and puts them in the hamper. She enters the bathroom.
She steps into the shower and the looks up briefly to admire her Master. God, he still makes her wet and hungry. His eyes meet hers, and she hears it before she feels it. His slap is hard and stings.
“Wash me.”
She takes the soap and lathers his body. He rinses off, and turns off the water. She grabs the towel and dries him off.
“Go to the dungeon, get your anal plug, the 2 inch, my leather smacker, and one of my 20 ft rope sections, I’ll be in the bedroom”
“Yes Master” She can’t help but smile. She’s really wet now. Just the thought of the rope and the plug is delicious.
She returns to find him seated at the end of the bed.
“Come stand in front of me.”
She obeys. He takes the rope, smacker, and plug from her. With strong sure motions, he ties her breasts up, wrapping them tightly, causing them to redden and swell. He stands and walks behind her.
“Bend over and put your hands on the bed.”
“Yes Master” She bends over. He kicks her feet and she spreads them wider. He licks his finger, and starts to roughly explore her ass. With his free hand, he shoves the plug in her pussy. Her gasp makes him smile. He fucks her with it, and starts to also fuck her ass with two fingers. He feels her tighten and clench. Her back arches, her knees begin to bend, and He stops. His fingers and the plug are pulled from her, leaving right on the edge, her nails digging into the bed sheets. The plug quickly replaces his fingers. He picks up the smacker and holds it at his side, stepping directly behind her. The sight of her ass plugged, and her pussy wet and open, thrills him. The first smack comes up from between her legs, landing with a definite smack on her pussy. It is followed one after the other with fast hard smacks. Her pussy drenches the smacker as it hits her and makes her cum. She barely holds herself up as it rips through her. Her juices run down her thighs and the wet smacker lands home again, the wet smack as hit strikes her mound is musical. The pain of it only keeps her cumming. He stops, admiring his work. Her chest is heaving, her breasts brushing the blankets as she fights the urge to collapse. He steps to the side and swings hard and fast, first smacking one cheek, then the other.
She reaching her limit and he Knows it. Her ass is bright red as his count reached thirty on each cheek. He stopped on the thirtieth stroke, softly rubbing the smacker over the hot sensitive skin of her ass. The set it down, and begin to caress her ass.
His hands felt cool and wonderful as he ran them across her skin. His hand slipped up her ass and to the small of her back. He stepped in close behind her, his cock head brushing the wet lips of her pussy. His hand slide further up her back, and pushed her chest flat to the bed as he forced his cock deep with in her. First one wrist, then other, is pinned to the small of her back as he begins to fuck her hard.
The intensity near unbearable. Each hard thrust weakens her knees and the delicious movement of the plug has her nearly incoherent. His grip tightens as a low growl begins to rumble from him. Hard and hard, hips slam into her tender ass. The pain in her shoulders, the fire in her ass, holds no sway on the pleasure that has her in its grip. Her orgasm slams into her, her body bucks and strains against his grip, her pussy clenches hard on his cock. She attempts to hold it, to squeeze his cock like he likes it.
Suddenly he pulls the plug and his cock out, and with one hard thrust he slams balls to into her ass.
She screams, not knowing herself if it’s from the pleasure or the pain. He thrusts hard and fast. The growl becomes a loud “YES” as his ass clenches and his muscles flex, and he cums hard, filling her ass. Slowly he pulls his cock out, and replaces it with plug. He releases his grip and she collapses.
“Go and get a washcloth, clean me up.”
“Yes Master”
She struggles to the bathroom. When she returns to the bedroom, he’s sitting on his side of the bed. She kneels on her mat at his feet. He spreads his legs and she carefully cleans him.
He draws up his feet and pulls the blankets over himself. She knows her place, and stays on her mat. She is not to leave till he’s a sleep.
His voice disturbs the silence and surprises her, “Do you like being my whore, to be kneeling there, your ass filled with my cum.”
“Yes Master. I am your whore Master. This slave loves being her Masters whore.”
She hears the blankets being pulled back. “Get in”
As she climbs into bed, he pulls her close, placing her head upon his chest. His breathing deepens, and his body relaxes against hers. His voice fills her ears one more time before he sleeps off to sleep.

P.S. Unlike most of my stoires this is not one I have done or will do, I'm not as strict as this Master is.

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