Erotica Seven  

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Erotica Seven

Blood filled his mouth as his fangs plunged deep into her neck, He wasn’t thinking now; he was beyond such trappings of “human” society. All that existed was the lust, the blood, the incredible feeling of her life pumping into his mouth, filling dark void his soul once inhabited. His teeth He pulls away from her neck. She is paralyzed with by his power, totally in his thrall. Faster than the eyes can follow, his nails cut open her corset, and he rips it from her. His teeth sink in to her breast as his tongue finds her hard nipple. Her blood washes over his tongue, sweeter and thicker from her arousal. He forces her lags apart, shredding her remaining clothes, leaving her naked and open, pined against the cold brick wall by his thoughts. His fingers dip into her, her wet readiness coating his fingers. Her back arches as her death begins. Her plump mound calls his mouth, and as her sinks his teeth deep into her, his tongue caresses her clit. She orgasmed with her last breath and her sweet intoxicating blood filled his mouth with her last orgasmic spasm.

As her life left her, so did his power over her. She slipped from the wall, collapsing at his feet. Ripping a piece of cloth from her dress, he wiped his mouth, relishing the fine texture. Everything was so intense and pleasurable after he had fed. Stepping back out onto the street, he made his way through the shadows. His carriage was waiting, and his driver opened the door at his approach.

“Where to Master?”

“To Lady Jasmines House”

His arrival at Madam Jasmines House always caused a ripple of activity. Those that weren’t busy quickly made themselves as attractive as possible. For every woman Lord Gabriel had chosen had moved on to a life of money and comfort. Or, so the Madam had convinced them. She hated him, but loved his money. She hated to lose one of her girls, but the amount of gold that was given in return was impossible to turn down. Not that she would even consider such a thing, for she awaited the night he would work his dark art upon her. He had given his word. When he had found her, she would be remade, recreated. She would be immortally beautiful. And that night may very well be tonight.

She greeted him as she entered the parlor. His presence still hammered into her. Even knowing what he was, it was hard not to want him as a woman would want a man. To think her girls fought over him. Most men that walked through those doors were nothing but money to be collected, but him, with his Shiny Bald head, Broad powerful shoulders, thick strong chest, and large powerful legs that led up to an ass chiseled as if from stone. These women would pay him, and he knew it, loved it, and relished in it.

“I hear you have a new girl for me to taste.” The reference was lost on the women scattered about the room on sofas and pillows. All they heard was he was here for Tyanne. She would have a hard time of it tomorrow, if she’s still here.

“Yes My Lord, her name is Tyanne. She has yet to be broken, and is locked in her room. I thought maybe you’d enjoy being her first. She knows what’s expected of her, but refuses. I know how My Lord loves to put a woman in her place. She is very young and strong, but My Lord never did like the weaklings.”

“To true Madam, take me to her.”

He could smell her. Her anger and rebellion radiated from her and filled the hall. The Madam left him to enter on his own. It just wouldn’t do to walk through the door. His body dissolved and the fog of his presence filled the hall. Directed by his will, it pushed its way under, around, and over the door, filling her room.

She was gorgeous. Her naked body spread eagle, tied down to her four poster bed. She was fighting her bonds, but they were tied well. The mist that was rapidly filling her room filled her with fear. Her terror soured her sweet smell. His mind found hers and wrapped it in his, suspending her thoughts, making her his to control. His body began to take shape, his clothes appearing neatly folded on the chair opposite her bed.

As he solidified, he noticed her mind had escaped his grasp. She stared at him with such curiosity that he was taken a back.

“I felt you inside me trying to take my thoughts. You are one of them. The ones they speak of, the drinker of blood, the undead.”

His surprise was total and he was sure evident. Her mind was to strong to place in thrall. And, once she saw him, instead of fear, curiosity filled her. She may be the one he looked for, a woman to stand at his side and rule the night with.

“Yes I am Vampyre. Your Madam has given you to me. I haven’t decided what I am to do with you. But I shall have fun figuring it out.”

He was on the bed kneeling between her legs before his words registered in her head. Her breasts were round and firm, and her nipples small and hard. His nails drew harsh red lines on her skin, as he ran his hands down the insides of her thighs, meeting at her moist opening. She writhed in pain as two fingers forced there way inside of her. His nails cut her on the in, and continued to leave small cuts inside her as they moved about. She was screaming now. The agony brought tears to her eyes, as she fought her bonds, trying to escape his touch. He removed his fingers and before any blood was wasted, he spread her lips wide and bit down, his fangs sinking deep, one on each side of her clit. His tongue drove deep with in her, as he savored every ounce of her warm life. Her body buck against his mouth, and her scream became a wailing moan. Her body betrayed her as pain gave way to sweet rapture. He with drew from her moist folds, licking shut her wounds as he left. He sat up and looked at her. She was beyond beautiful. She was soft and curving where she should be, hard and toned everywhere else. Her blood tasted of the molding bread and stale vegetables she had been living off of. But under all of that, he could still taste it. It was there, the blood of her ran through this ones vein. She was of her line, great, great granddaughter… great, great, great granddaughter? He was not sure, and did not care. She was the one. He could kill her now, and revive her with his blood, but the woman would perish and only a predator would remain. To make one such as him, to be Vampire, yet not become a filthy creature of dark alleys and graveyards, took time and patience. He sliced open his wrist and let three drops of his blood fall into her mouth, licking his wound closed when he was finished. He would have to be careful when he fed from her again. She must not die in that way. Or else all would be lost. He would turn by his blood alone. Make her as he had been made. He would not lose this one as he had once lost her. He felt his blood take its hold on her, and with it came the control of her mind he should have had from the beginning. He wrapped her senses in deep sleep. He quickly cut her bonds; licking closed the wounds her struggles had created. His mind reached out, and compelled the Madam to come to him. The Madam had already been fed on his blood on more than one occasion. Three drops, each time he visited. It kept her young and beautiful. She commanded power from the most powerful. But with out his bit, she remained mortal, only a thrall to him. Well, tonight she would receive the dark gift.

She entered the room, softly closing the door behind her. The slightest blur and he stood behind her, his lips at her ear. “You have done well. She is the one; our deal is completed, except for one last thing.” Before she could prepare herself, his fangs found her flesh. He tore through skin and muscle, seeking the warm crimson beneath. He could taste the change in her blood as she became Vampyre. He closed her wounds, and turned her to face him. “You will go now, give over this place to whom ever you wish, and prepare to leave immediately. You will go to Paris, to the Bank of Notre Damn. There I will have waiting for you all the wealth you will need, and the deed to an estate where you can begin your new life. Do not feed till you get there, and tell no one of where you are going. A carriage will be here soon, and will take you there in safety. He didn’t wait for her response, and could care less. She had what she want, and so did he, what else was there. He scooped her from the bed, and dissolved in to smoke. His thoughts carried them out the window and into his carriage. Once able, he rapped hard o the front fall, and the carriage jumped into motion. He would have her home soon. To wait so long, and now he was days away from all his efforts coming to completion.

She awoke to find herself in a grand room, all ornate carvings and detailed paintings on the walls of Sunny bright Landscapes. She was naked still, but was in a bed of heavenly luxury. Silk covered her and feathers carried her weight. She sat up, and only then did she notice him, sitting in an arm chair at the foot of the bed, staring right into her eyes.

Unseen hands pulled the silk from her body, exposing her to his fierce gaze. She wants to grab them to some how stop her exposure, but her body had not listened to her. She was frozen by his stare. Unbelievable force pushed back on to the bed, pinning her arms above her head, forcing her legs wide. As if by magic, he was on top of her. His clothes gone and his hard cock brushing her moist entrance. He took one nipple into his mouth, his teeth sinking in to her areola. As her sweet life began to flow forth, he drove his cock deep inside of her. She was overcome by the pain of such an entry. His bite burned like fire, his thrusting cock, a hammer in her loins, pounding away with one agonizing thrust after another. Her soft insides tore and ripped at the abuse. As her blood coated his cock, he willed his flesh to drink it in. He changed breast and when his teeth sunk home again, her back arched and she screamed out and agonizing wail. Her blood flowed into him from both ends, and it was intoxicating. He felt her begin to weaken, and quickly with drew from her. Quick licks on her breasts and a thrust of his tongue inside her and her wounds sealed and closed. As he with drew his tongue, he encircled her clit. Carefully he licked and suckled her hard nub, until her body had no choice but to respond. Her orgasm was strong, arching her back and locking her legs. As she laid there trying to regain her breath, he sliced his wrist and placed it against her mouth. His blood filled her mouth. She coughed and sputtered, refusing what he offered. When he saw she had had enough, he licked his wound and cast her back into an oblivious sleep.

A week had passed, and her body had changed in response to his blood. Her skin was like polished marble, soft and blemish free. He could feel the power that had grown with in while she slept. She was beyond control now. Once he released her and let her wake up, he would not be able to force her under again. She would turn tonight, all she needed was little more of his blood, and she would be Vampyre. She would be consumed with thirst and hunger. She only had to take it from him, take his blood, and all his work would come to fruition. He wasted not another moment. She awoke and sat up as before. And there he sat, in the chair. Her eyes held the memory of terror, but there was strength there now. She was more determined than afraid, determined not to be his victim again. With that knowledge, his laughter ripped from his chest.

“You think yourself my victim. Sweetheart, I am your savior. I rescued you from a life like you can not imagine. A life of filthy men using you night after night, mornings spent cleaning the blood from between your legs, only to have the next man rip and tear you a new. To have his foulness in every orifice, and at times his friends and him violating you in all three. What I have done, I did for you, for us, for our future life together.”

To hear this creature speak was disarming. He sounded charming, and was beyond attractive. The feral quality of his eyes and the evil twist to his smile only made him more attractive. But he had tortured her, and her. She would not listen to his ramblings.

Before that thought finished, he was in motion. She was shocked, for one second he was sitting there twenty feet away, and the next he was behind her, arms wrapped around her, holding her in his rock like embrace. He tore in to her soft flesh, right where the neck meets the shoulder. Her blood washed through him and he could taste her power. He needed it; it was taking everything he had to hold her. She was far stronger now than she knew. He felt her weaken, and took in a few more swallows to be sure, and withdrew. Her wounds closed at the soft touch of his tongue, and he felt her struggles stop and her weight settle against him. His mouth found her ear and spoke.

“I will give my blood to you now. I will make you stronger, make you like me. But you must take it.” Every ounce of command went into his thoughts and words at that moment. He released his grip, and raised his wrist to her mouth. With only the merest of hesitation, she grabbed it and bit down. His blood spilled forth, and as she drank, her fangs came forth, biting him deeper, filling him with sweet triumph. He reached in down deep and pulled forth the love that had kept him, and held the darkness at bay, and as it filled him, so to did it fill her. All at once she knew. Knew his pain at being made into what he was, knew the pain of trying to give the dark gift to his love her great great great grandmother, only to lose her to the change because he wasn’t patient, and knew his love was now for her. She knew everything, and loved him for it. He was beyond beautiful to her, and they would be together forever.

She withdrew her bite, careful to seal the wound with a kiss. Turning to face him, she wrapped her arms around his chest and layed her head on his chest. “You have waited so long for me, but we are together now. I am yours forever.”

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