Erotica Four  

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Erotica Four

The feeling of the velvet backing of the blindfold as it slips across your eyes and face sends a shiver down your spine every time you are blindfolded by this man. You know you are going to submit and yield and feel pleasure like you have never felt, every time it seems to be greater, seems to get more intense (you couldn't walk for almost an hour after the last time he got his hands on you), and tonight will be even greater. You feel his hands brush your arms as he reaches for the leather restraints fastened to your wrists you hear the padlock click as he locks your wrists together behind your back. You stick your chest out, displaying your hard nipples and your heavy breasts begging for his attention for his touch upon your flesh you feel his hands brush your knees and calves as he spreads your legs making you stand with them wide apart. You hear the clinking of the metal as the spreader bar is placed between your legs and the soft click of the pad lock as it is locked in place, holding your legs apart, holding them open, keeping you open and vulnerable and waiting for his attention. His chest brushes your hard nipples as he stands up. You can feel his breath on your neck as his voice finds your ears. “I won’t gag you this time, I want hear you.”

His first touch is between your legs. His hand is hot and rough and spreads your lips apart pushing his fingers into you. You’re so wet they slide in quick and deep. First two fingers, then three. He holds his fingers deep within you, twisting them back and forth; first softly then harder, moving his fingers around deep with in you. His other hand finds the small of your back, and with firm but gentle pressure he pushes your body against his, his fingers in you, creating delicious sensations, your hard nipples now pressed against his warm chest,. You can feel his arm against your stomach, feel his bicep and forearm flex as his fingers drive you slowly towards the edge. His breath becomes hot and his teeth begin to graze your shoulder and neck.

“May I cum Sir”, finally escapes your lips. “Not yet” he whispers. You strive to remain controlled, to hold back. He begins to thrust with his fingers, his other hand trances up your spine and into your hair. His fingers push deeply to the scalp and take a solid grip.

“Please Sir, Please let me cum” your voice is strained. Your whole body is a fire and your insides are quaking, building, demanding release. You think he isn’t going to answer. It seems eternity is passing. But in one quick motion he pulls your hair and head back hard and whispers in your ear “Cum for me”.

Finally, you abandon all control and let go, the intense wave crashes over you, into you, you think it will sweep you away its so intense, but in that moment you feel his fingers thrust deep and hard, almost lifting you from your feet and you feel his bite upon your neck, his teeth sinking hard into your flesh, his mouth sucking and biting you. The orgasm just explodes with in you. Your body locks and the pleasure crashes all the way to your toes. As the wave recedes, your body falls limp against him. His strength and power fill you as lean upon him. This is the moment you relish the most; weak and unable to move, his restraints tight upon your skin, his arm around you, his fingers inside you, completely vulnerable, totally his, and perfectly safe.

Slowly, the strength returns to your legs and you begin to hold up your own weight. He feels your steadiness and begins to softly twist and thrust his fingers again, sending bolts through your whole body. After only a few thrusts he pulls his fingers from you and you almost collapse at the withdrawl. His hands find your shoulders. He carefully presses down and guides you to your knees. Kneeling, his touch leaves you as he walks away from you. You hear the foot stool being moved in front of you, and soon feel his hand on your neck as he bends you over it. You feel the canvas strap tighten around your shoulders as he fastens you down, your head at one end, your ass in the air and slightly spread at the other. Your hands are still behind your back and the canvas strap tightly binding you to the stool.

His fingers enter you from behind and seem to fill your pussy near to bursting. He has all four fingers in you now. He pushes them in deep and begins to move them inside of you. He holds them deep inside you as he explores, touching every inch of you, driving you mad. You feel the round rubber head of the vibrator being pushed between your thighs and your breath catches. He gets it right on your clit and turns it on. The intensity and pleasure are instant and uncontrollable. Your pussy clenches and you can feel every grove and bend of his fingers as they keep you open and filled. Your back arches against the strap and you scream out in pure carnal satisfaction. Your guttural, “YES” echo’s in the room as you cum again and again. After what seems like 100 orgasms and half an hour later, the vibrator clicks off and his fingers are pulled slowly from you. But they don’t go far. First one slick finger then two is slowly worked into your ass. He slowly thrusts his fingers, working them around, making you ready for more.

He pulls out his fingers, but the empty feeling isn’t for long. Immediately you feel the cold hardness of the anal plug, as he forces it into your ass. It’s so big compared to his fingers; it stretches you and fills you to your limit. Finally it’s in, and your ass clenches around its small base, holding it inside of you. Your ass plugged and waiting and he doesn’t make you wait for long. His hand comes down on first one cheek then the other. The stinging smacks roll through your entire body and back to your pussy making it quake. The boundary between pain and pleasure are lost in the moment as his hand spanks you over and over. First one cheek, then the other, your skin is on fire and the pain is almost unbearable. Just as your tears begin to fall, he stops and his fingers are in you in a flash. They thrust hard and causing the plug to move in a delicious way that has you cumming in seconds. The orgasm begins deep and rips out of you, taking your breath away. The vibrator is in place and on before you even realize its there. The orgasm seems to spin with in you, not ending, not letting you out of its grip. The intensity is enough to border on pain, and with your last breath you call out.


The vibrator shuts off; his fingers and the plug are pulled softly from you. You can feel him removing the strap from your shoulders and unfastening your hands from behind your back. Your arms fall from the center of your back to the floor useless and numb. You feel him unlock and remove the weight of the spreader bar from your ankles. He removes the blindfold and slowly helps you to your feet on unsteady legs, but only makes you stand for a moment before he scoops you up into his arms and cradles you against his chest. Before you know it, he’s put you into his bed and crawled in beside you. You find your spot, nestled under his arm, your head on his chest, one leg draped over his and your hand caressing his cock.

All is right in the world.

You are owned and you are his.

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