Mental Health Days  

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9/14/2005 7:46 pm

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Mental Health Days

I called in sick today. Migraine. Granted, I really was not feeling well. And I really had a migraine, last night and again this evening. I just didn't have one when I called in. I called in, because I wanted to get some much-needed sleep, and also because I really needed to clean out the fridge. Actually I still do, but that's another story and I have no intention of telling it.

So anywho. I took the day off basically because I needed it. REALLY needed it. I can feel things coming to a head, mentally/emotionally, and it was just time. I think my direct supervisor might even have understood, if not completely condoned. But the center manager sure wouldn't have. Nice woman, but... missing something.

So - how many of you take mental health days? And when you do, what do you like to do on them? If I hadn't had things I needed to accomplish, and if gas wasn't so expensive, I would have gone down to the beach at Galveston. I don't actually go in the water there anymore, don't even usually set foot on the sand. I just park next to the seawall and watch the waves roll onto the shore, then back out again. I'm always at peace near the water. I think better there. How about you?

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