Back, by Popular Demand  

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9/29/2005 6:53 pm

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Back, by Popular Demand

Okay, maybe not popular demand, but I AM back... I will spare y'all the tale of how it took me 22 hours and three times overheating before I made it to Dallas. I'll spare y'all, too, the tale of how I spent about $200 for my daughter's birthday and will STILL give her an expensive party at the end of the month (but at least I can kill two birds by combining it with her 4-year-old sister's party). What I won't spare you, is why I got back to Houston late Monday night, and am just now getting back on A F F on Thursday.


My home phone is disconnected at the mo' - a function of practicality, as I only had enough for one bill and the cell was more important. (Especially during said 22 hour drive.) Lo and behold, Kinko's blocks this site. As would, I assume, the public library if I had the cojones to even try it there. Obviously can't access from work, so the only place I get on here is, ironically, the university's computer lab, where apparently anything goes.

Campus was shut down due to my friend and yours, Rita. Mind you, students who live in campus housing were able to come back on Monday. The library was open at least for a few hours starting Tuesday. Faculty and staff could return Wednesday. But the computer lab, my lifeline and my only link to A F F? Thursday. And I had to endure and ENTIRE DAY OF WORK AND SCHOOL before I could get on. Oh, woe is me.

Now, I've seen some of my A F F friends in the meantime, but gentlemen, back me up here... if a lady is paying you that type of visit, would it not be in bad form for her to roll over and say, "Wow, that was great!!!! You're the best!!! Now, do you mind if I check my messages on A F F while I'm here?" Yeah. That's what I thought.

So anywho, I'm back, and about to post another post as well, just wanted to let you know where I was and how things are. Needless to say, we all got back safely, with no real storm damage, and I'm looking forward to continuing old friendships and establishing new ones... let the games begin.

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10/2/2005 1:53 am

I know exactly what you and the family went to my great uncle and aunts in Jasper...of all the damn places b/c we thought Rita was heading to houston...well, needless to say, it took us 11-1/2 hours drive starting at 1:15 am after we packed the valuables and didn't make it there until about noon.

I tell you what...I was learning a new type of cruise control..doze off and let the car cruise on it's own

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