Repercussions: Caught Boss Cheating!  

rm_Ellenback 59F
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3/18/2006 8:47 am

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Repercussions: Caught Boss Cheating!

Well, where else am I going to talk about this? I'm not able to discuss it with anyone: only on this site can I write about a very weird thing that happened to me last night!

I opened my work email from home late at night, as I'd been waiting on an answer that would impact my Saturday plans if it came through negatively, and I saw an email from my boss there. Thinking it was a normal feedback email from him, I opened was a very graphic and hot email thread, with lots of attachments, from my boss, who, by the way, is a 34 year old very attractive man...and his girlfriend! The girl in question apparently works for him at one of his other companies...but, he's married, and his wife just recently had a baby! The email had been sent from his Crackberry, and involved baths, stallions, you get the picture!

I wasn't sure how this email ended up in MY DAMN INBOX! so I checked the full header - it had been 'cc'd' to allemployees at my company!!! That meant that EVERYONE in our corporation was going to be reading this email very shortly...After thinking it over for a few minutes, and of course, re-reading the email once or twice (aren't we ALL voyeurs to some extent?) I emailed him, mentioning that there was an email circulating that he might want to be aware of, but without going into details. Within 10 minutes I had one back from him, again from his Crackberry, saying, "what did it say..?" etc. I didn't give him the whole thing, but said I'd deleted mine already, and that it involved, (insert girl's name here!)

One more minute goes by, and he's emailing me back asking for the home phone number of our IT guy, and I'm zinging emails back and forth with him for the next 2 hours trying to obtain and source out the contact information for this guy. We finally figure it out, apparently the email gets pulled (somehow?) and our work email has been down all day today, I guess, because they want to ensure that NO ONE gets this email.

Just me...Why me? Why, Here I am, on this site, occasionally having some fun, and no judgements of another's personal home life situation, and THIS happens to MY DAMN INBOX??? I'm pretty sure that the IT guy is going to read it too...LOL

Then at 1:30 am, I get a phone call from my boss, saying that he appreciates the 'fast thinking' and 'heads up' on this situation, that someone had apparently gone into his personal email and forwarded this to everyone at our company (ummm, can you say: wife?) and that he'd speak to me on Monday!

Ummmm...that's the last thing I want to do! I don't want to discuss it, I don't want to even think about it, so I'm writing it out to release it...I'm actually worried about the 'shoot the messenger' thing here...!!! What if I lose my damn job now because I happen to know this kind of inside information and no one else does?

Honestly, I'm freaking out...!!!

Do I have a learning from this? Is there some reason that this was directed to me? I wish I knew...

Did I copy and paste? Damn right I did...LOL But using this information for personal gain is NOT can I throw stones when I've done a similar thing myself, only in reverse? If a married man wants to fool around without the consent of his wife, as long as it doesn't impact on his relationship, his kids, etc., then that's his baggage to carry. Maybe that's my discovery here? That eventually it does surface, and people can get hurt?

My boss is quite wealthy, and she could honestly take him for every nickel if she finds out about all this...and I'd be out of a job! Again, the worrier in me is re-surfacing, worrying about things beyond my control!

What would you do? Am I in deep shitz or what? What the F do I say on Monday to this guy? That we're all human, that we all make judgement calls that are in error, that we all F up? Whew...nail biting here!!!

Can I just call in sick for the rest of my life? LOL

Guidance, my friends, please!!!



mygmyg 60M

3/18/2006 12:29 pm

Ellen, I was just being a nosey so and so, in reading this blog, could not help it!!

Boss is between the rock and hardplace, Just tell him that you will under no circumstances divulge this to anyone, you're concerned that this does not in anyway impact you or your job, and see no need to be further involved as it is very uncomfortable for you!

never divulge or even hint that you have a copy,or any knowledge of the email, you're involvement was happenstance and you have gone above and beyond, back to the safety of the sidelines!!

You might even delete the blog/comments after you get some more advice, never know who is privy to your computer info, and your boss might have someone trying to access your home PC, he has the resources....!!!

(What the fuck is this shit..?? *rolls eyes*)

3/18/2006 12:41 pm

It may not be your style but COVER YOUR OWN ASS, even if it comes at his expense. Sometimes you've got to play hard ball, hope all works out well for you...Ready


SmedlySuperGophr 53M

3/18/2006 5:27 pm

Wow ... so many lessons here:
1. Don't keep secrets from friends and family
2. Don't allow auto logins or password remembering
3. Don't keep secrets from friends and family
4. Keep a private email account for personal correspondence.
5. Don't keep secrets from friends and family
6. Always keep your nose out of somebody else's business ( Sorry, just had to say that ... lol )
7. Cover your ass (or better yet, let me cover it)
8. Forget your troubles with good sex (see you Monday night ....)

rm_Ellenback 59F
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3/19/2006 9:40 pm

Mygmyg: I agree with you, and I'm walking in there with that attitude tomorrow! Thank you for putting it so succinctly, you've helped me clarify my feelings about this whole thing.

Ready: Never was much of a ball player, and I have to be true to myself, I'm not a squealer (ok, sometimes I squeal, like umm in bed...?) but it sure looks like my ass is going to be covered, and thank you for advice!

Smedley: Promise? LOL I have visuals of a particular nose deep into someone's business...But you're right, secrets will out, no matter how hard you try to hide them, so best to be upfront about what you are doing. Hard lesson to learn, I know! But, isn't it a bit difficult to "not keep secrets" but not allow passwords etc out...?

WordyOne: Oh how I wish, I don't even have a car, and could sure use a good raise which I haven't had since going from contract to full-time employee, and even that was a pittance. I agree, while I'm nail biting, I'm also snickering...the kind where we giggle when Moe gets poked in the eye, you know?

I'll update you all tomorrow night on what happened, as far as how this occurred, and what was said to me. Do you think I should digitally tape it? LOL NOT ILLEGAL IN CANADA you know...I've done P.I. work, maybe that's another part of covering my bum in this whole fiasco...

(((squishyboobyhugs))) to all my friends for your help!


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