Moulinex Man:  

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2/2/2006 6:40 pm

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Moulinex Man:

Don't ya just wish sometimes that the good-looking man you met and had a great time with, also enjoyed going down on you? Or, that the guy with the good-sized dick didn't go soft within 3 minutes? Seems like all men have some qualities of good and not so good, like women...of course! But, I'd really like to grab my Moulinex, man, and put all the good stuff into one dough mix!

They all say they love giving head, but come on, a girl can tell...lickety spit don't count unless ya don't quit for quite a bit.

The really good looking guys are egocentric at best, loving you to blow them, but not offering much in return, especially if they're under 30...and then you have to spend time teaching, which is great if they're open to it, but damn, you almost have to place that mouth, fingers, or dick right there...and when we start moaning, don't change - that includes position, rhythym, AND pressure!

Is it so tough to find a guy like that? Don't just squawk it, dock-it, baby!!!!!! LOL

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