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1/26/2006 5:38 am

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Full Tilt Now!

PC is once again working, and even better than before, thanks to tweaking, a better CPU and great software. Why didn't anyone tell me this site could get addictive? Should come with a warning label....lol Like, "caution, objects in the webcam may appear larger than they are!"

I should be on my way into work right now, but I'm having a slow start this a.m., so you might just see me around in the Ontario room today.

Interesting conversations last night about 'vultures vs hawks' - how the carrion searchers are destroying things for the sharp-eyed birds in AdultFriendFinder. When there is such a small percentage of women available to meet from a site like this, you really don't want to force the bravest to run screaming into the night (unless the screams sound like this: "Oh, ohhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!") The second that a woman responds to one guy, she gets hit by another 10, who suddenly just realized that she was breathing..."Add me, add me, add me..."

Sort of reminds me of the seagulls in Nemo - "mine, mine, mine!" Thick skins are definitely a required overcoat on this site, for both men, and women. I got an email from one dude, saying, "this is my last try to reach you...obviously you're not interested...etc etc etc." Well, guess what, I never received any of the other 3 tries he said he made....? So who's fault is that? You guys are so used to being shot down, you give up and won't even think that maybe, just MAYBE, something else out of our control is in the way...it just MAY NOT be personal!

Learning from life: Nothing changes until something changes. If what you are doing isn't working out great, switch it up! Show your smarts, respond to blogs, don't just rely on chat rooms filled with lethargic poultry, suddenly coming to life at a piece of glitter...

I feel strongly that the more women that stay with this site, the better, and oh yeah, while I'm up here on this crate, how about free profile viewing for all female members, standard or not? How can we weed out the neanderthals and discover the gems if we can't see you or contact you?

<----------Stepping down now! (((((hugs)))))

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