Low libido is unacceptable  

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4/6/2006 3:27 pm

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Low libido is unacceptable

Doesn't it suck when you love your spouse but your just not on the same sexual page anymore? After over a decade of marriage I thought we would grow closer sexually but we are growing apart. We're both out of ideas, we've talked about this extensively and have come up with nothing. The bottom line is her libido is nearly non-existant. We're both emotionally and physically fit but I can't remember the last time she initiated sex.
So I'm looking. If any of you ladies feel the way I do please contact me.
LOL in your search.

Don't get me wrong. We still make love at least once a week. She loves it once we get going. She just has no internal spark. She takes a long time to warm up. She needs lots of foreplay which I really enjoy and she only comes if I suck her. She is very passionate in her other interests and in life in general. Its just the lovemaking where there's the rub. I'm the romantic one. I bring her flowers just because. I've taken her away on surprise weekend getaways. I've roleplayed one of her fantasy characters. Well, I guess its a fantasy character as she says she has no fantasies, but having been with her so long I believe it's her fantasy. Anyway she loved it! and I was more than happy to help her see the light. I normally don't role play but I know it brought her to the next level. Theres so much more and progress is soooooooooooooo slllllllllllooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
human experiencing loving pains
horny excellent loving person
humorous exciting lustful passionate

five fingers on each hand and i can let you know what's on my mind ... im still searching for you ... look into my eyes ... can you see the real me ... only if you know me well enough ... five fingers on each hand and i can let you know what's on my mind ... fingering you to an incredible orgasm!

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