Just a Little Hair  

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8/8/2006 6:17 pm

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Just a Little Hair

When I was growing up, just starting puberty,
the only naked women I could see on a regular
basis were to be found in my Dad's Playboy
magazines. At that time Playboy was just
beginning to do full frontal nudity and I
was exposed to women's pubic hair for the
first time.

I can still remember how excited I would get
by a glimpse of a woman's pubic hair. Looking
at breasts was ok too, but what really turned me
on were women's backsides and hairy bushes.

When I began to explore the real thing with
various girlfriends, I was amazed at the
variety of hair to be found down there. Some
were silky soft, like satin, others had just
wisps of hair, like cotton. And still others
were as coarse as wire brushes! But each one
I enjoyed immensely. The touch, the feel, the
taste of the hair mixed with flowing juices.
The anticipation of seeing and feeling what
was there was enough to get me very excited
every time.

Very recently, though, the trend has been for
women to shave themselves completely down there
leaving not so much as a single strand. Most
of the time only rough stubble, like a five
o'clock shadow. I feel as if I have lost

Myself, I still have pubic hair which I trim
using a shaver with a #1 blade. But that still
leaves enough to sort of frame the picture, if
you will. Plus, with less hair, my johnson
does a appear a little bit larger!

Don't get me wrong. I appreciate a nice trim,
shaped as a strip, a stripe, a pouf, a puff, or
my favorite, the dorito. But I have not been
able to get very excited over the bald eagle.
Maybe it is just a fetish I have. One of many,
unfortunately. But I feel so disappointed
whenever I find that there is no hair down

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