My follow up on horny4dp73's dream  

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8/17/2006 12:34 am

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My follow up on horny4dp73's dream

He stroked my neck as he nibbled and kissed it while he slipped his fingers around my silky clit and over my pussy. This guy was too hot for words...


Perhaps ENGBUCARO might be able to help and finish the story... ? Up for it?

As she started to moan from my touch I kissed her deeply, thrusting my tongue in her mouth as I did the same with my finger in her ohh so wet and warm pussy. I started wiggling my finger slowly inside that tight pussy as I moved it in and out while at the same time nibbled one of her ears and grabbed one of her nipples through the blouse, then I said to her ear "que chochito mas rico, te lo quiero lamer" and started rubbing her clit with my thumb, I didn't care how much spanish she knew cause In her face I could tell she figured out what I meant and let out a sharp moan.

At this point I remembered that people working on the back of the restaurant around the corner may hear us, so with a commanding voice I tell her that if she makes another load moan I would stop fingering her, She slightly nods approvingly but I tell her I want to hear her say yes, right when she is catching her breath to answer me I put another finger inside her pussy and press and rock the palm of my hand over her clit and pussy lips, she struggles not to moan again and her legs start shaking, she manages to say yes biting her lip. I grin a little and kiss her, as a reward I tell her she can ask me to caress any part of her body. She says that she wants me to stroke and pinch her nipples from inside the bra, but I baldly decide to loosen up her buttons and taking out of her bra one of her tits, nibble, softly bite and pull her nipple. she starts panting continuously saying to my ear as she bite it that se is about to cum. I grab her hand and place it on my throbbing cock telling her "Mi pene esta duro como una piedra y te lo quiero enterrar", she begs me to translate her what I just said as she massages my cock, and I tell her while squeezing her butt "My cock is hard as a rock and I wanna FUCK you". She cums hard with an explosion of juices on my hand. I take my fingers out and taste them. I say mmmmmmm yummy, she says that was great and I reply: this is not the end, my place is a few blocks away and you now need to take good care of my hard cock.

horny4dp73 wanna finish this in messenger?

Unless someone wants her to post the end on her blog!!! Should she???

ps: pic is actually a few blocks from my place

horny4dp73 45M/45F

8/17/2006 2:40 am

WOW!! That's hot!! And also a CLEAR invitation to the dance, mi amor. I can certainly continue... and happily so! Stay tuned...
I have to ask if you read my blog before you wrote your own because the 2 stories are so similar, it's uncanny! Your ending I liked MUCH better

In the meantime, it would be nice to have a chat with you in real time and perhaps learn your name. Feel free to add me to your messenger! I use the hot one *wink-wink*

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