You should always start at the beginning  

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7/18/2006 4:03 pm

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You should always start at the beginning

Having made the decision to consciously use domination in a sexual situation, I was faced with a number of choices. Just randomly, here were a few of them.

 What type of D/s relationship am I looking for?
 What type of person do I want to explore this with?
 How far do I want to push the envelope?
o Public places
o Tasks
o Bondage
 Do I dominate someone I know?

I decided to do a little research on the web about domination and submission. I found much of what was out there I didn’t agree with, some I thought was pretentious, and some I found downright frightening. Angel_ii did a good job giving a broad overview of what it means to be submissive in her blog Submission. I agree that there a variances and nuances in life and in people; it takes all kinds but here are a few of the things that I didn’t think fit me or meet my needs:

 Pain or humiliation
 Full time submission
 Mindless obedience

This meant that in the end, I was looking for a sexual submissive. It also meant that I wanted someone who was a strong individual who would not naturally submit to just anyone.

I knew that this would present a number of challenges. I also wanted to push the limits of sexual excitement and satisfaction and I felt that including public places, task lists, and bondage would add to that. I felt that answered my final question about whether or not I dominated someone I knew or instead found a complete stranger to dominate. In the end, I decided on a complete stranger with the following characteristics:

 Dominant
 Intelligent
 Sexually driven
 Willing to experiment
 Not a part of the BDSM community (I didn’t want preconceived ideas since I was deliberately not following their information or guidelines)

Now I needed to find the right person . . .

lizalickem4u 59F

1/1/2007 11:18 am

Oh my, you REALLY do have a good grasp and understanding of the type of Domination that just melts me!!! I could definitely submit to your Domination...most unfortunate that there are so many "wannabe" Doms out there in both cyberland and the real world. I am smiling as I find myself so hot and wet from reading your blog...nothing like a true Dominant with that sensual, sexual understanding not to mention a definitely intellectual stimulation to get a gal going!!!

rm_Dzdancnfsd replies on 1/6/2007 11:25 am:
It is a combination of intellectual and physical . . . a dance to join the mind to the body . . . that makes for a truly intense experience. The journey has been unbelievable.

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