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2/13/2006 7:24 pm

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Heros Live Forever

It is my norm to celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day. I think MissAnnThrope sums the whole thing up with humor and scholarship.

This year though, when thinking about this irritatin’ assed holiday after the waves of pink and red in the stores made me near blind, I read an article by Anne Landers (now in re-print) that suggests sending Valentines to Veterans. So, I posed this to my civic group and we all agreed that we could fully support this project.

THANK YOU to those visitors who shared a poem or letter for the poor little pitiful valentines I made. I’m sure your kindness means a lot to Our Veterans and I know it truly touches me.

To continue to send valentine honors to veterans who have visited my blog (of whom I’m aware), please go see:
My Dear Friend [blog fastfifties]
and talldiscreet1, who came by to give a nod to his brother soldiers. (And I hope that it’s alright that I’m including him here…I didn’t have a chance to ask for permission.)

There may be other veterans here as well. Please know I firmly believe that you are deserving of honor and respect; you are welcome here to my little piece of the world.

I am aware that there are many who have a strong distaste for military/police activities. And you are entitled to your opinion. However, as this IS my little corner of the universe, I feel it’s necessary to fully proclaim my loyalty to veterans. Let there by no mistake about it…this girl FIRMLY SUPPORTS THE WARRIORS OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY & ALLIES.

Certainly, I think that any soldier can tell you that the military is absolutely FUBAR (fucked up beyond all recognition) but these men are still MY heros.

I mean no disrespect by saying “I relate” or “I understand what happened during Viet Nam." I don’t know the fully story…hell, men who were there STILL don’t understand 30 years later…but I guess we can say I have my own experiences with that “conflict”.

And by the damned way…what I would really like to tell whoever came up with “Viet Nam Conflict” is:
“Stupid fuckers...they were shooting and killing one another...in the mutherfuckin’ jungle under guerrilla conditions…a conflict is when you and I don’t like one another…war is when you and I kill one another en mass...Viet Nam was a WAR.” I find it to be disrespectful to refer to it as anything else.

So, what of my experiences? What the hell causes me to jump up and declare my loyalty, faith, trust, respect, my sincere undying gratitude, my passion? Nam ended when I was four years old. What do I know about it?

I remember bolting upright in the middle of the night from sleeping beside my Viet Nam veteran husband, Douglas Labiosa (1953-1998 ), with sweat pouring off my body, heart pounding after it had to have stopped for at least 30 seconds directly before waking, and terror that was difficult to overcome. I had seen visions, and with reluctance shared those with Doug to get confirmation that Oh Yes...it was very, very, very accurate.

All I'll say is that my husband tracked a band of murdering bastards through the jungle because what had been done to those little girls by the Cong was beyond monstrous. Never fear though…Doug found the VC responsible for that bile rising crime against humanity. I didn’t see what happened then… I didn’t have to. I knew that the problem had been fully resolved.

And to think...my terror was vicarious...and it lasted only for about 45 minutes (but those were some of the longest minutes of my life). To be there in the reality for months, and years...minutes...experiences when our boys were aware of


...and to DEAL with it, and to carry forward...cause that's what needed to be done to stop the Viet Cong from continuing to slaughter the people of Viet Nam...THAT'S Nobility; that's DUTY...and THAT'S Dedication.

We can say a lot of things, but I know that in regards to Doug, THAT MAN was of Truest Noble Heart, and he saw an injustice to those little girls (and to all feeling people) that was going to be rectified and right then immediately. I know that THAT MAN gave up hundreds of nights of sleep afterwards. I know THAT MAN deserved every bit of honor and respect that can be given.

Was Doug involved with some rather heinous activities himself? Of this, I have no doubt either. He was in Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol...damned right, he was a tracker and a sniper and he was good at his job...I guarantee that he acted in some HIGHLY forceful ways...and he paid for it throughout his far too short life.

But I'll tell you the main thing from where I’m sitting... SOME DAMNED BODY demanded payment for actions against two little 8-10 year old Vietnamese girls…babies really. My husband was happy to extract that immediate payment and then PAY for HIS actions with heavy interest over the long-term.
He knew that was part of the price when he knew that he had been put in a position that really only rightfully belongs to God. I Believe Doug made the right decision...he did too, up to the very last.

And on another note: In the final analysis I know that THAT man laid down his life for ME...he had the most important lesson for me and the only way I could understand was for him to sacrifice himself for my understanding. It’s cryptic and it may even sound melodramatic…but it’s the truth… I don't have the lesson down yet, but I know I am honor bound to keep discovering it.

IS my primary hero...May it Ever Remain So.

And what else do I know?

I know that my Dear Friend Roo has just had an amputation of his leg...probably a result of the bullet in his foot from that war... Combined with the deadly Agent Orange, they think his body has been breaking down since the war, and now that he's in his mid-50's...we're still seeing the results.

Oh, and my Friend Andy Man...him too..we were in a parking lot one dark night and I couldn't find my keys...a thuggish kinda guy pecked on my window, but I was looking for my keys so didn't open to door. Once I found them, I turned and looked at Andy and said "I hope this little boy doesn't think I look like a good candidate for mugging...I have my knife right here." Andy Man looked at me calmly and said "That's alright...my gun is in my pocket." We figured we had it covered from that point on. When it comes down to a dangerous situation...BRING ME A VIET NAM VET OR ONE OF THE COOL, MODEST (retired) POLICE MEN...they haven't forgotten how to step up and handle the situation. And there are becoming more and more war situations on an everyday basis right here in our streets.

Oh...and MY police officers...another one of my dearest loves had a bullet rip through his hip as he was trying to perform his job in keeping the citizenry at large safe.

Are some of them cocky, arrogant sunsabitches too? Do I think some abuse their power? Do I wish on some issues they would just shut the fuck up and go about their business? Well, absolutely no doubt about that either, but for the most part, these are good guys and gals. As [blog fastfifties] said, until human beings become decent, we are going to need someone to keep a little bit of order.

Now, am I saying that they are all just wonderful human beings? I've hated a sonofabitch veteran nearly as much as I've loved one because he has that cocky, I'm A MAN cause I KILLED and you should bow down and kiss my Chief Warrant Officer ass because of it" attitude.

But for the most part, these warrior men have some of the most in-depth senses of humor (course it's dark and morbid, but course that's what I like best), they are men of instinct and strong intuition, and they have tempered steel in their eye to this day when it comes right down to the line.
They are men who understand Beauty because they saw Hell early in their lives.
Ohhh...and I can tell them sexy motherfuckers from across a room...there’s a quality to them that causes a devilish Glimmer within my eye.

Finally… to the WWII Vets...
Thank G_d, Thank G_d, Thank G_d!!!

The attempts at genocide there was highly effective. Jews from all over the world were praying that the United States would step in (and we didn't nearly soon enough) to save us.

If I sit here and think about this too much, my heart will crumble and tears will flow (Damned...there they go). Just yes...THANK YOU To OUR VETERANS!


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2/14/2006 7:29 am

Thank you Angelique, on behalf of all of my brothers and sisters, past, present and future. Joe

"McVeigh had the right idea, wrong address."

"This ain't Dodge City, and you ain't Bill Hickok."

greatnsexy69 48M

2/22/2006 11:11 pm

I really hate the comercialized Valentines day. Why is it every freaking holiday has to be comercialized and ruined by some company somewhere. It irks me no end that Hallmark makes a buck off of the 3 to 5 dollars I might spend to send a card to someone on that day. Maybe next time I'll get some cardstock and make my own. At least the tree I kill died for a better reason then to make Hallmark rich.

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