Why Women Love Jerks  

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8/4/2005 8:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why Women Love Jerks

What is it that women find attractive in a man? Based on many personal conversations and reading tens of thousands of personal adds, I have found that the three most common answers are confidence, achiever-ness, and funny.

At first glance these seem like perfectly normal requirements, but I submit they are quite different than those men are most concerned with. When asked the same question I dare say most men would answer first and foremost beautiful, and if not beautiful, at least good looking. So why is it that women more often than not say these three behaviors?

“Funny.” “Can make me laugh.” “Likes to have fun.” These characteristics describe an entertainer. Sure, guys enjoy a good entertainer as much as the next guy, but why is this one of the most attractive things women like in a man? It must be important that the guy they spend their time with be entertaining. But why isn’t this one of the most attractive things men like in a woman? It may be because most men are perfectly capable of entertaining ourselves. What does this suggest about the fairer sex?

“Achiever, go-getter, a passion for life, successful.” The next common attractive behavior is having serious goals for one’s life and working toward those goals. Is this why people are so easily impressed by job titles and status symbols? After all, who wants to support someone who flips burgers or stays at home all day? Interestingly enough, men have been supporting women for thousands of years. Regardless of gender roles of bread-winner and child-raiser, I think it’s fair to say women expect men to be a provider, although not necessarily the provider.

Confidence. This has been the most common response in my experience. There are two aspects of this behavior I think worth considering. Confidence requires an efficient means of dealing with insecurities. Boys are commonly taught this behavior, in at least our society, by learing the “Be a Man” attitude. If something causes a male emotional distress, he is supped to ”Take it like a man.” This means stifle and ignore the emotion and do not let on that something is bothering him. Over time this raises boys into men who are insensitive to their own emotions, and consequently to those of others. This explains who so many men are emotional retards. For example: why so many men prefer watching football to talking to their spouse. The second aspect of confidence I wish to consider is that it is often accompanied by arrogance. Certainly an arrogant person is confident. Both require a level of courage and belief in one’s self. So the most prevalent attractor of women is common to insensitive arrogant males, a.k.a. jerks.

In summary, I have found that many women are attracted to jerks capable of supporting and entertaining them.

AtomicArtist0 46M
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8/4/2005 11:18 pm

Never truer words spoken. Everytime I have ever attracted a woman, I looked like a disheveled thug and tell all their friends what a dangerous rebel I am. Later, when they find out I'm actually a sensitive, sweet guy they have second thoughts. As I'm single now its time to grow my goatee long and buy a skullring.

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