The value of friends  

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12/16/2005 2:56 pm

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The value of friends

I have been blessed with several very good friends, and some friends who are becoming more intimate as each day goes by. Friends are more blessed than family, in some ways, such as the fact that people do not have to be your friends. They choose to. Family is family, whether they are shitheads or not. YOu dont have to have a relationship wiht someone just because they are family. In fact, that ihas been the source of a lot of pain for a lot of people. The beleif that you have to love family, because they are family. While there may be a grain of truth in this, the love I have for my friends is much more special, because we have chosen each other, rather than haveing been forced to live under the same roof. My previous blog discussed what I have in my mind for an evening with the person who might eventually become my soulmate. My soulmate will most certainly be one of my friends, as well.

Currently, I have about 8 people who I consider my friends, and I am sexually active with five of them. for those five, there is a level of trust that actually far exceeds any friendships I have had in my past. The reason is that once I have explored my friends sexually, and they have explored me in the same way, we soon get to the point where we express things that w might not have expressed ot just anyone we are not sexually active with. Now, I dont mean to imply that there is some great mystical level of trust that develops with anyone I fuck, because that is just not true. There are plenty of people who I would have to count as "fuck buddies" and that is ok too. WE serve a purpose for each other, and I dont even want to fuck someone I consider to be a total asshole. Well, not usually (lol). But the point is, there are people I meet for sex, and they meet me for the same reason, and we may or may not care to get to know each other on any deeper level. I play softball, and there are people I enjoy playing softball with to, because they help make up a good team. For the purpose of a good game of softball, there are others who also want to play on a good team, people I want to include on my team that I really have little else in comon with, and when the game is over, we go our separate ways, to our separate lives, both having the satisfaction that we made a good team and won a few games together. Sexually, this is the same as a fuck buddy. I want to get off, my buddy wants to get off, we get together, and have a good time, and then go on to our own lives, both having the satisfaction that we got together for good sex, and made each other cum a few times.
True friends are more than that, atleast the sexual kind of friends. These are people I can share secrets with, discuss plans and goals, enjoy good conversation with, have a nice dinner with on occasion, go on short trips with, but we both still have our own lives. WE get together with each other and have a good amount of sex, but also may get together separately with others, or share our friends for a good time, which is made much easier by the fact that we trust our friends. This means that we may explore and experiment sexually in ways that we might have been afraid to otherwise, because we know that we wont be looked down on, or thought of as perverse (at least not in a bad way)and we can discover more about ourselves, and others, which leads to more truly full lives for all.

So I guess what Im saying, is, Friends, I love you, and Im glad you are my friends. You know who you are. And you know what a sick freak I can be. And I hope that makes you at least a little excited.

mladyhawk 53F

12/19/2005 10:59 am

How very true and sweet you are...

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