The Best Orgasm  

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7/24/2005 6:24 am

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The Best Orgasm

It's late one night and I have nothing to do, so I get online and open up AIM to see if any friends are on. There is one guy that I just love talking to that is on. His name is Darren, and he knows just the right things to say to get me wet.

I message him, saying hello, and the usual small talk. Then, here it comes, his trademark question. "What are you wearing?"

I smile, and reply "clothes" I don't want him to know that I NEED him to get me off.

He presses on, "What kind of clothes sexy?"

So I tell him "just a robe."

I know this makes him happy to hear. And he says to me, "That's my girl. Do you want some hot phone sex tonight? Is your pussy wet right now? Are you thinking of my hard cock?"

When Darren talks like that, it makes me tingle all over. It sends shivers all over my body. I tell him that I will call him, so we both log off and get ready for the call.

He answers the phone excitedly. I try to play it cool, like I could care less if we do this or not. If he only knew how bad I really wanted this to happen.

Darren tells me to start touching my pussy, so I happily obey him. He tells me to imagine it is him there with me, which of course I am. Then he tells me that he is stroking his hard cock while thinking of me. That turns me on beyond belief.

He tells me to get my toy ready. My toy is a chair cock. It straps on around a chair so I can ride it. It is one of my favs.

When my toy is set-up, Darren tells me "Suck it for me, I want to hear you sucking that cock"

I get down on my knees and hold the phone to my mouth. I begin sucking that fake cock with all I am worth. I lick it up and down, just as if it was Darren's cock before me. I take the cock between my lips and deepthroat it. I love to suck cocks.

Then I stop and he asks if I am ready to have it in me. I say yes, and he asks me where do I want it, my pussy or ass. I love both, so I say my ass. He tells me to sit on it all the way. I sit on it, and a moan escapes my mouth. He tells me to fuck it fast.

I start riding my ass up and down that cock so fast it burns my tight little hole. But I love the pain. I sigh and moan into the phone. I can hear him breathing rapidly as he is jerking off to me.

One hand is holding the phone while my other hand is rubbing my clit bringing me so close to the edge. I tell Darren I am ready to cum, but he tells me to hold it. I hold it for a little longer, and I tell him I am about to explode.

He tells me to let it go. I long and hard. Several smaller orgasms branch off from it.

He asks if I am alright, and I tell him "Yes I am" But what I really wanted to say was. "That was the best orgasm I have ever had, thank you."

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