Sweet Seduction  

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7/25/2005 4:54 pm

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Sweet Seduction

You are sitting on the futon looking so inviting. I walk over and put my legs on either side of yours until I am straddling you. I take my hands and put them on your shoulders, lightly holding you down, as I kiss your neck softly, making you anticipate my soft lips meeting yours. Slowly, I work my way up your neck until my lips finally meet their destination only to nibble a lip to show you that I will be the one in control. Lightly touching your lips to mine for the kiss that you have been waiting, for what seems like eternity. I lift up taking off my blouse you notice that I wear no bra underneath. You look into my eyes and see how my body wants you and my mind needs you, my desire to have our bodies entangle as one at long last.

I put your hands on my bare breast and quiver feeling flesh on flesh. Pushing my pelvic area up against you, you feel how eager I am to have you in me but I dare not rush it , wanting this to take a good deal of time to savor. I roll my head back exposing my neck, in hopes that you just may sink your teeth into my tender spots.

You feel me start tugging at your shirt, pulling it up over your head trying to expose the muscles I so love underneath. I rub and massage your chest as my breath gets faster with pure excitement. I feel you grow, loving the way I caress you. Feeling this, I stand and turn my back to you. While I turn my head to look at you seductively, I slowly pull my skirt to my ankles, making sure to bend at the waist to expose ever so slightly my shaven pussy. You notice how great my ass looks as I sit there a second making you want me more.

Getting on my knees in front of you, I unzip your jeans and pull your cock out. Oh, how I love the way you feel in my hands. Teasing you like this is hurting me worse than it is you. I can almost feel you inside me, making me wet.

I take your cock and touch it to my lips. You want to put it in my mouth but I won’t let you. I have to do it my way. I put my lips on your head, pausing, anticipating the taste of your precum as it hits my tongue. Opening my lips, slightly, only enough to take your head in, you feel my tongue swish over you. Little circular motions, around and around….then I take your head out of my mouth so that I can kiss my way down to your balls. “Wouldn’t want them to get lonely,” I say as I take one in and suck on it. Here I also take my tongue and move it in circular motions so that your balls get full stimulation. Only when I feel that you could handle very little more of that, I work my way back up kissing the underside of your cock. I am not sure if I can handle much more of this myself. I take your head back into my mouth. You feel my hot breath. I suck ever so slightly on your head and then I quickly, take all of you in my mouth. You can feel the little dimple in the back of my throat as I continue to take you all the way over and over again.

Finally, I can not take this any longer. I have to have you in me. I need to feel your body pulsing with mine. I get up off my knees, kissing your chest, as I straddle you once again, this time with no barriers of any sort. I take you inside me. You feel how tight I am as I squeeze you every time you go in. Harder and harder I rock on you, making you go farther and farther inside. You hear my moans. OOOH, how good it feels, to be here, in your arms, rocking on you, taking all of you in, faster and faster, harder and harder. I through my head back in ecstasy, biting my lip, wanting to scream with pleasure, but not yet doing so.

My breathing gets heavier and heavier as faster and faster I go. I am getting close to coming but I don’t want it to end. I want this moment to last forever. The feeling of you inside me, then cumming. Feeling the warm of you and knowing the trust you have. Knowing that once in life, we have come together, bodies embraced, and not wanting to loose that feeling.

But my body has the best of me, and I no longer can hold out what it wants so badly. I start rocking faster, my moans getting faster and louder until they become screams. Screams of your name, screams of happiness as you feel me let loose. Yes! Yes! Yes! More! Oh YESSSSSS!!

I pulse as I come giving you a well advanced warning that you have made me feel great even before I voice it. Oh, I love this feeling. I lay myself in your arms and run my hand on your chest, lovingly caressing.

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