Our First Dinner  

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6/2/2006 7:21 pm

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Our First Dinner

As we have dressed in classy yet comfortable attire, we eat a wonderful meal on the deck. Soft music playing in the back ground, candles everywhere glowing almost as bright as the sun that is setting a bright red in the sky beyond the trees shown only a few ours ago, The stars glisten in the sky like diamonds against a blue velvet background.

We look deep into each other's eyes as we share our first meal, sipping wine, smiling and talking softly of nothing of real importance, yet truly enjoy each others company.

We finish the meal and you take my hand, we rise together and move a few feet from the table, we begin to dance to the music playing softly in the background, and you hold me close. I can smell your cologne and I love the feeling of you holding me against your chest. The strength of your arms around me, and the soft warm breath on my neck as we sway to the music evokes my passions and desires.

We dance for what seems like a never-ending moment, and then you gently tip my chin upwards, look deep into my eyes and kiss me softly with a strong passion. I feel the love and desire serge through me as I melt into your arms. Our lips brush against each other, and our tongues touch with a slight tease.

You whisper in my ear soft words that cause the fire to get warmer between my legs, "I want tonight to be one we will both remember always"

My heart begins to race and my pulse quickens, I can feel your chest rise and fall heaver and I know then that our touching as well too has prompted you, "yes oh yes baby me too"

You say nothing; just lead me to the bedroom. You slowly start to remove my dress, and as you, do you touch me, caress me and kiss me with little tender kisses everywhere. When I finally stand there in nothing but my bra, garter stockings and a silver shinning thong, you smile at me; and I know then, that was your mark of approval. I feel no fright, yet my heart sprints with anticipation, and palpitations in my chest quicken.

"Oh yes baby your touch sets me afire, I love it when you kiss me and caress me," my voice is shaky yet direct

You then place my hands on your chest. I know instantly what you want and I begin to undress you as well. Removing first your shirt, I kiss your chest and nipples as I go along, caressing your skin and enjoying the feeling of love that enters my fingertips as it leaves your heart: Then it is replaced into your heart as it again leaves my fingers.

Then I unbuckle the belt, and undo the button, I lower the zipper and I can feel your pulse through your slacks. I rub the front of your crotch with my palm, and softly whisper, "Wow baby that's huge."

All as I look into your eyes and feel the love flow; I slip the trousers down to the floor, and lightly rub the front of your boxers more, drag my ruby red nails gently across your growing cock. Then I slip my thumbs under the elastic and slide the boxers down and your cock jumps out at me as if it were elastic.

" Oh yes Girl, that feels so good, touch my cock, make it hard as it can get." The sound you make is so demanding, I can tell you want me to keep going.

We are standing in front of a full-length mirror mounted on the door, and you are able to watch every move that I make from the mirror as well as from above me. You are able to see me in my bra and garter set, a magnificent black shinning material with the silver thong.

You can see my fiery red hair, and you slowly place your hand on my head, taking a handful of that soft mane. Gently first, as I take hold of your cock in my hand, and slowly take it all into my mouth. Sucking deep, I moan softly to cause a gently vibration at the head of your fully engorged member.

Then the grasp you have on my head becomes more intense as you begin to move your hips, and are actually fucking my face. Your grip becomes stronger and you grab my hair with both hands, shoving your cock into my face hard and deep.

" Yes feels so good in your mouth, you suck so well, damn baby I could fuck your face all night!"

I can taste your pre cum and I love it, I love that I can taste you and suck you essence in and make it part of me. I smell your manliness; it is a clean yet musky smell; and is causing me to get even hotter I cannot stand it any longer.

I gently squeeze your balls and rub them, drag my long nails over them and I feel you quiver under my touches. Then without reflection I gently begin to rub your ass hole, and slowly slide a finger in your tight hole just to the first knuckle where I wiggle it and slowly slide it in and out, " Oh shit bitch yes!" You below like a bear in heat at the shock of my violating your ass.

As I do this you are still watching our wonderful actions in that full-length mirror, I love that you are able to see us in such a complete perspective, that you can see every move that we make like a couple dancing a ballet, with grace and passion.

I suck your cock like a piranha, keeping the teeth in check however. I can taste the pre cum more, and I can feel the tightness in your balls growing. I know that you need to change the direction of our pleasure, or you will fill my face before I am ready.

I slow the pace, and remove your cock from my hot mouth. I look up at you and smile, stand unhurriedly and take your hand leading you to the bed. I lie on the bed on my back and motion you to straddle my chest. I take your hard cock in-between my tits and hold them tight. You begin to slide in and out between them; I lick the head of your cock as it pops out of the top, catching the droplets of cum on my tongue.

"Shit that feels good, I could fuck those tits raw, damn baby yes, I want to cum all over you!"

You go on fucking my tits, leaving traces of your excitement between them, I am so hot and I know you are getting ever closer to the edge, I an am so horny I need some real attention myself.

I motion you to lie on the bed, and the without further ado I climb up and sit astride your face, little by little I let my cunt come into reach of your tongue, and I feel you slide your fingers across my swollen lips through the silky material of the thong. It feels so good to have you touch me, the juice begins to build and even I can smell the sweet musky aroma that is forming between my legs as my obsession grows.

You slide first one finger then two past the elastic of the thong, then into my cunt and begin to fuck me as I wiggle above your face, I moan with gratification that I have never known before. It is so hard for me to remain immobile, yet I want to let you direct me in my movements.

"Yes oh god that feels so good, I love to have my cunt fucked like that, oh you make me so hot so wet, I want to fuck you and cum on you so bad!"

I feel the fingers leave me, and you grab my hips pulling me just a bit closer to your face as your mouth sucks me through the material. You then seize the thong in one hand and yank it hard, causing the string to break hard against my skin. Your tongue heads directly for my gash, licking my pouting lips, hard across my clit causing me to moan even louder.

"OH YES! Please don't stop!" My voice softens and trails of as I drift into another thought pattern wanting to cum all over your face.

Then you commence sucking the lips, and clit, and bite with tender force. I cannot stand it any longer and I begin to ride your face. Bucking hard and shoving my cunt against your face, I almost break the flow of air and cause you to gasp for another breath. It feels so good, your tongue fucking me, my clit rubbing your nose, I feel the wave build in me and I softly beg. " Oh I want to cum all over your face." At that moment, you lift me slightly still sucking and eating me with great force. You slide a finger into my sopping cunt and get it good and juicy.

When you remove it from my cunt, you give me no type of warning; swiftly, firmly slide your long thick finger into my ass as you persist in eating my honey box. I squeal in delight and ride harder yet again. I am flailing in lust and you pull your mouth away only long enough to comment, " Now my sweet come for me now!"

I do not hesitate, I fuck hard and furious, and as I feel the wave begin to splash against my g-spot, I raise my self just a few inches. Your finger still in my ass and fucking it with great force, I squirt my hot, thick cream onto your face, it spills into your mouth, and across your chin.

All while I scream in great pleasure, "Yes oh fuck yes, I love to fuck your face and cum all over you! It feels so fucking good!"

You lick all my sweet honey and pull me back onto your mouth as I ride the last of the wave and whimper, as I never have before.

As the climax subsides and I begin to weaken, you waste no time and throw me onto the bed, pulling my legs over your shoulders, you shove your cock as deep into my cunt you can. I scream, " Shit yes fuck me!" It feels wonderful but almost hurts as well, I can feel the ridged hardness of your cock, you are harder than I could have ever imagined and the circumference of your member has my cunt stretched to it limits.

You drive hard and with great vivacity into my cunt, my ass lifted from the bed as my legs fold over your shoulders. I can feel your cock crash against my cervix and I want to cum again so bad.

I love your cock filling me so sweetly, and the sound of your balls slapping my ass as you impel yourself deep into me resonates through the room. Your groans have become very deep and beast like, the tension builds in your facial features. I love the sounds and smell mixed with the hard fucking action. I am getting so hot again, so horny, I cannot endure it.

Suddenly you pull your cock from my wanting twat, and flip me over onto my stomach, slide me forward until my head is pressed firmly against the headboard of the bed. You lift me onto all fours, and spread my legs wide. You wrap your left arm under my hip holding it against my stomach hard, grasping the garter belt tightly, and the right hand places your cock against my ass hole, I feel the head bear down on my tight sphincter, slowly you begin to enter, and I feel my ass stretch as never before.

The pain is great but the passion and desire over rule that," Yes! Fuck my ass baby, make it hurt good!"

Without another thing being said, you heave your cock deep into me, my ass hole burns, my head spins and my cunt twitches and becomes hot and ready for yet a chance to cum for you.

" SO fucking tight, damn your asshole feels so tight! I am going to fuck it so hard, and fill it so full!"

You hurl your full member relentlessly into me and place your right hand on the right hip and are able to get the leverage I never realized possible, driving me deep and slamming my head against the headboard. I am not able to slide forward because of the headboard, and this causes your cock to propel deeper than ever!

You reach around and begin to stroke my clit with the heal of your hand as you slide three fingers deep into my cunt, still driving into my ass like a mad man, your grunts have become loud and almost have the tone of anger. It makes me even wetter to hear these noises coming from the man I love, to me this means that he loves fucking my holes and cant wait to fill me with his seed.

"Now my slut Now, cum for me now as I fill your sweet ass with my hot load!" You scream in pleasure and the sounds that come from you make you sound as if you are in great pain.

That was all I needed to hear and I was cumming all over your hand, driving my hips against you, screaming, "Yes fill my ass, feel my cum all over your hand, fuck me and fill me! Use me for your cum dump!"

You become vocally louder, grunts with a baritone base that shake the windows; as I feel your hot sperm fill my ass, and I squeal, " Yes I love your cock!"

Your thrusting into me continues; four, five, six thrust, my wave subsides and we fall into a heap onto the bed. Your hot cum oozes from my ass hole, and mine trickles from my cunt, causing a huge puddle beneath me on the sheet . You hold me tightly, and whisper, "I love your sweet cunt" and I reply, "Not as much as I love your cock"

We fall into a deep sleep and when we awake we shower, and of course showering together only starts the passion all over again.

vampyre647 42M

6/6/2006 12:49 am

You have quite the way with words. Is this from personal experience or secret desires? Either way, this is some hot, steamy writing.

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