Just This Once  

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5/31/2006 4:02 pm
Just This Once

Snuggled up next to you, we had both been resting after our last play time, and subsequent bathing and then just being together. I reached across your chest, started gently caressing you. You smiled and nodded at me, closing your eyes again. I find my hand running down your neck, around your nipple, first one then the other. Leaning I start to lick and suck on one as I tease and squeeze the other.

You are shifting a bit and I move up to kiss your mouth as I reach for one of the cuffs, still attached to the bed and fasten it around your wrist. I lift from you and look you in the eyes. "May I?" Is all I ask. Your other arm comes around me pulls my mouth close and hard to yours as you kiss me deeply. You break the kiss, and tell me that for this scene; "Yes you may this one time."

I ask, "What do you want for a safe word?"

You tell me, "Green, yellow, red will be just fine as you haven't done this too often, from what you have told me, and then you may get some feedback from me too."

I tell you, "I have never "topped" a man. And the only other "topping" I have done is at the direction of another "top", to my sisters."

You chuckle and mutter. "Let's see what you learned about topping then."

I run my hand up your free arm and attached the cuff to that one too. I settle back and look down at you, take a deep clearing breath, close my eyes, bow my head for a moment.

Opening my eyes, I stand up. Looking down at you I stroke down your inner thigh, to your knee, to your ankle. I pull that leg out a bit more and attach the ankle cuff. Watching you I see your cock getting larger and jerking a bit.

I smile at you, reaching up, brushing against your cock, I then stroke down the other leg, until I reach that ankle. Again I fasten the cuff.

Standing at the foot of the bed I smile at you, and blow you a kiss. You can see my eyes moving up and down your body, and then over to the table where the toys are.

My smile broadens; I grab one of the cups, go to the freezer and get a couple pieces of ice. I pick up the mask, the crop, the flogger, and the piece of soft fur.

"Just reminding you, you need my permission to cum." I mention.

As I watch, I see your cock getting larger, and standing up as I speak. I do wonder if it is what I am saying or the choice of toys?

I set everything but the flogger down. I slowly stroke the tails in my hand. Noting how they are cut, to sting. And remembering how wonderful they felt when you used them on me.

I look you in the eyes. I gently lay the flogger on your foot, and slowly move the tails up your leg, to your knee, to your thigh, stroking it up and down that leg, just allowing the tails to caress and tease you.

Moving the tails up to that hip, across your abdomen, and then starting down the other thigh. Just a gentle touch as they caress and tease your flesh, stroking against it. Never really leaving your body, just gently touch it, exploring it.

I step over on one side of the bed, you see me getting the feel of the handle of the flogger, and it was made for you.

I run the tails again through my hand, but spreading them as it gently contacts your chest. I look you in the eyes, and do it again. I reach down with my other hand and caress the area and once again use the flogger, slightly harder, and then again and again. Your body tenses and then relaxes into it. Your cock is standing up. I run my hand down from your chest, across your stomach and run a finger up your cock to the tip, and yes it is wet. I smile at you, swirl my finger around the tip of your cock, I move to your head and place my finger at your lips?

"Taste yourself" I tell you. Your tongue peeks out and licks my finger, I then slide my finger in your mouth and you suck on it.

I smile down at you, remove my finger from your mouth and stroke your cheek. Leaning down, I rub my breast and nipple against your mouth, telling you to "Lick and suck me now." I lean into the lapping of your tongue; I hold your head against me as you nibble and suck and lick my nipple.

After moving away, I pick up the mask and hold it up to you. Coming back, I lift your head and put the mask over your eyes, kissing you as I do. Then I am running my hand down your chest tweaking each of your nipples, stroking your abdomen. Returning then to your nipples and running my finger around them, circling and tapping and teasing them. Watching them stand up. Seeing your cock jerk and listening to your gentle moans.

I stop touching you. What I am doing is I have gotten a piece of ice, and I am holding it above your nipple, waiting for the drip of water to fall. It falls just on the side of your nipple, and then another. And then one falls right on your nipple, and then another and it is also running down your side a bit. Slowly I lower the ice and circle it on your areola; then I move it across and around the tip of your nipple. I lean down and start sucking that nipple as I move the ice to the other one. Teasing you and play with the ice there now too. Finally that piece of ice is gone. I move my tongue over and lick and suck on that nipple now.

Slowly then I start to kiss down your stomach, you feel a gentle nibble around your belly button. Sticking my tongue in and circling it around again and again. I look up at your face and I can see the faint smile on your face, so I continue.

I move my nibbling down to your crotch and start licking up your cock. My mouth moves from the base of your cock to the tip. Squeezing your balls and watching you squirm I lick down once more and start to change position.

You feel me get on the bed, and then you feel my thighs on either side of your head. You inhale and pick up the scent of my musk. I lean forward, take your cock in my mouth and lower my pussy on your face as I tell you to

"Eat me well!!" And then I suck your cock even harder.

Your tongue is lapping and nibbling and teasing my pussy and clit as I grind into your face, working my mouth up and down on your cock. I rock back and forth stroking your cock with my mouth and tongue. I watch your thighs and I see them tremble again and again?

I lean back and hold your cock in my hand, grinding to your face, feeling your tongue work in and around my pussy. I stroke your cock a bit, keeping your hard, but not letting you cum as you are nibbling hard now on my clit. You feel me release your cock and grab your thighs as I start to tense, to moan. You are using your entire mouth as you find the right spot and feel me and hear me cum, long and hard.

I stretch out on you for a moment, picking up your cock and stroking it as I recover a bit. I turn around, kiss and thank you for pleasing me so well. As I stroke your cock harder with my hand.

You also feel something else teasing you a bit as I am stroking your cock harder and a bit faster. Something is teasing your inner thighs, your legs.

Suddenly you feel a sharp slap on your thigh and a hard tug on your cock. Then you feel a gentle stroking on your legs and a softer working of your cock. You feel another sharp sting on your thigh and a firm squeeze of your cock. This goes on for a period of time. The gentle caress of something, the sharp sting, and the continued teasing of your cock, always changing in speed and firmness?

I hear your breathing speed up, and become shallower. There is an occasional moan, particularly when you feel me firmly working your cock. You hips start flexing and squirming.

I stop everything

I walk up to where I am at your head. I run my finger across your face, your lips, feeling how sticky you still are from me. "You are a good pussy licker you know." I stroke your cheek and caress your head and play with your hair.

I am looking down; I see your cock hard and even oozing a bit.

I mention to you "It looks like all this playing has gotten you excited." "Has it?"

"I'm not sure if I am ready for you to cum yet. Nor have I decided where it is to be."

"Such decisions."

Musing as my hand reaches down and starts tweaking a nipple.

My other hand is caressing your face, and neck, you turn and kiss my wrist. I know you can't see me, but I smile anyway, pinching your nipple, then moving to the other one as I lean down to kiss you shoving my tongue in your mouth. Moving it around and then pulling back and licking your lips.

Now I am working my mouth down the center of your chest, licking nibbling teasing down to your cock. I swirl my tongue around the tip tasting your precum. Taking the head of your cock in my mouth I nibble and tease the crown of your cock. Working my tongue and teeth all around again and again, moving fast, now I am using a bit more force too.

Your thighs are trembling and I hear a moan again. I slow what I am doing and hear a slight moan, a different one.

I then ask you. "Is that frustration darling?" "Is there something you want from me?"

After a moment you hear me say. "I am waiting for an answer."

You groan and mumble "You know what I want, what I need."

I pick up and gently stroke the crop up your leg, to your inner thigh; firmly striking you once.

"I am still waiting." I remind you as I strike the other thigh, then caressing each one.

You groan. "Please, I need to cum!!"

As you say those words I see your hips squirm and flex, and there is urgency in your voice I know I have in mine at that time...

I know I want you to cum and I know where. I set the crop down, and you feel the bed shifting as I get on it, and get on top of you. Reaching between my legs I lift your cock and position it at my pussy, I stroke it up and down a bit, and the quickly lower myself on you. Your cock is deep in me. I squeeze and start rocking back and forth. I am squirming and moving.

I have found it. I start moving up and down faster and harder, I am angled so you are hitting the "spot".

"Not yet darling!" I say as I am fucking you harder and faster again and again. I hear your groan in almost agony. I am fucking you harder and faster...

"Now darling, cum for me! Fill me!"

As you hear my voice, I feel your cum fill my pussy as I too cum again, rocking and squeezing and fucking you over and over.

As our muscle contractions finally subside, I lay on top of you, your cock still inside me as you feel my aftershocks, you moan again,

I reach and undo the first wrist and then the other, as I kiss you deeply. I remove the mask. I then move down to the ankles, and undo each of those.

Crawling back up to you I curl up in your arms, I hold you and you hold me.

I smile at you and say, "Thank you for letting me do that. I do hope you enjoyed it. Now perhaps you know a bit of why being restrained makes me so hot."

I go on. "You are so special to me. And yes I belong to you. I know that. I thank you again for the privilege." We lay there and I continue to hold and caress you, as you do me.

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