Given a Name  

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5/31/2006 3:59 pm
Given a Name

You’re out on the town with some of your girlfriends when they decide to stop at a new dance club. You go in and find a table for all 4 of you to sit. The music is good, the atmosphere energetic and the crowd looks interesting. While all of your friends are attractive, you know that you look extremely hot tonight in your burgundy colored dress that is cut just short enough to show off your long, luscious and sexy legs. It is daring enough to reveal just the right amount of cleavage to get a man’s imagination playing. The simple gold jewelry and earrings sets off your short brunette hair. The natural leather ankle-wrap high heels finished off your long, supple and sensuous feminine presentation of a successful 30 something. You didn’t need a man tonight, but the thought of some satisfying sexual recreation held some intrigue.

The normal hassles soon materialized. Even though the setting was new, the crass come-ons, the suggestive innuendoes and overt coarseness of guys trying to score were the same things you had to deal with in other clubs. You were about to suggest leaving when you noticed…to be more accurate, you felt a man at the bar looking at you. You glanced over and saw an attractive, tall, well-tailored man smiling at you. Now this smile was not the normal bar scene leer, he seemed to be looking directly inside of you. Not your typical mental undressing that takes place, but really seeing your inside thoughts, desires and fantasies. You could physically feel his visual penetration of your normally protective persona.

The curious thing was that the attention he was giving you was not uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, it was beginning to become pleasurable. You could almost sense a warmness or small glow of heat beginning to spread deep in the pit of your stomach. Unconsciously, you returned the tall, dark stranger’s smile. When you made eye contact there was a connection experience that you had never felt before. You felt his penetrating gaze deep in the core of your female being. You could sense that he immediately say and understood things about you that you had never shared with anyone. Amazingly, this feeling was still not threatening…it was almost liberating and freeing to know that someone else could sense how you really felt and appreciate how you really thought. These eerie sensations also resulted in you feeling the most completely feminine and erotically, totally female that you had ever felt in your life.

You could feel your heart beating as the stranger motioned for you to come and take the set next to his. Under normal circumstances this arrogance would be a complete turn off, akin to a high schooler beeping his horn in the driveway expecting the girl to come running. But, that is exactly what you did. As you walked across the room, you noticed that the steps you were taking were not being done with your normal walk. Your eyes never left the stranger and your gait was the most sensuously feeling stride, the sexiest walk you had ever experienced. This new strut almost felt feline in its smoothness and grace as you moved across the floor.

When he opened his mouth and spoke, it revealed a melodious and deep tone that coursed over like a warm shower. “ I noticed that you haven’t accepted any invitations to dance”, he said.

“I wasn’t really interested in any of the men that came over. They are all the same. The minute they get turned down they turn tail and run embarrassed because I said no. Most men just aren’t strong enough for me. I guess I intimidate most guys”, you told the stranger.

The man continued, “I could sense that as I watched you. The weaklings that came on to you weren’t assertive enough to compete with you. Too many men today are weak and afraid to show their masculinity. I don’t mean some of the chest-thumping Neanderthals you se in here tonight, but I mean a man who is comfortable within himself and knows what he wants and goes after it”. His words struck deeply. These thoughts were exactly what you were saying about dealing with men and dating today. They just weren’t confident…just weren’t man enough for you.

He went on, “I can tell that you are successful and confident within yourself. Too many men find that a threat. A tall, attractive and assertive woman emasculates too many guys. They figure that they don’t have a chance with you socially so they don’t even ask you out. Most of these morons would be surprised to find out how many nights you spend at home alone.”

Your mind was reeling because this stranger seemed to be able to read your thoughts and knew exactly what, how and why you were feeling. An immediate and intense attraction was drawing you closer to this strong and good-looking stranger.

“I can sense that as much as you like to control most situations, you would also like to give up control in other very intimate situations”, he stated as he looked deeply into your soul.

“How did you know that?” you almost stammered. This man sensed more about your emotional make up and desires in 10 minutes than any boyfriend had in 10 months.

“You and I are connecting on a level that most people can only hope for”, he correctly identified. “I know what you truly want. I know what you really need and I am going to give it to you. You are a girl who wants to be made to feel like the woman that you were meant to be. You like things feminine and are tired of having to play in a man’s world. You want a man to take control of you and release all the sensuality and sexuality rooted deep within your female being. You need a man who can light the fires of erotic desire inside your belly and take you to heights of passion and intimacy that you know are within you, but have never been close to realizing. You want and need to give control of yourself to that man and experience the true physical and sexual pleasures of why you were put on this earth.”

Your eyes glazed over, your head spun and your legs were weak. This glorious stranger had just spoken words that expressed that message that you had been afraid to even admit to yourself. You wanted to be taken and controlled, owned if you will, by this wonderful man. Also, within this realization was an awakening of your sexual self. Your mind and body was awash with desire, arousal and excitement at peaks and levels that were new. Your nipples strained for release from your bras hoping to be caressed and suckled by this beautiful stranger. Your womanhood had never been so wet and your clit never been so engorged with the blood lust heat that you were feeling from the initial release of your female freedom. You were finally realizing that you wanted to be owned, controlled and satisfied as if you were a wanton and shameless sex slave. This realization was liberation for your sexual and sensual soul.

The stranger smiled and continued, “I can see by the look in your eyes, the change in your body posture and by the slight, pleasing aroma of your sexual arousal that I have touched an appropriate nerve. I want you to do something for me”, he asked. Without a moment’s hesitation, you eagerly nodded. “Go to the ladies room and remove your bras and panties and bring them to me.”

You hesitated and started to protest, but the look in his eyes and the authority of his presence made you hold your tongue. How dare this stranger ask you to parade nude underneath your dress. “You don’t seem to understand,” he said. “I’m not asking you…I as the man who understands your deepest and darkest submissive fantasies commands you to do this.”

Oh God, you had never been spoken to in that tone and manner…and you absolutely relished in it. He was right. You wanted to be controlled and dominated…no you needed to be controlled and dominated by this man. You quickly went into the ladies room and removed your lingerie. Your nipples were as enlarged and as sensitive as they had ever been. They almost hurt they were so tender. Your panties were wet with the juices of your excitement. As you walked back, you could feel your nipples poke clearly out of your dress fabric and you were aware of your wetness seeping down the insides of your thighs. The long-legged sensual strut that you exhibited reinforced that you had never felt as beautiful, alive, attractive or desired as you did in this moment of time. You didn’t care who was looking or what they were thinking. Your only aim was to bring your man exactly what he told you to bring.

As you handed him your undergarments, he said tenderly, “As you walked back to me, I have never seen a more striking and breath taking presentation of the female form. From your shiny brunette hair, to your lovely face, to your sensual body and those gorgeous legs…you are the most beautiful woman in the world. You now have a glow or an aura of pure sexuality that exudes from deep inside of you.” You nodded knowingly and smiled demurely because you could feel that same sense emanating from your body. “I now want you to go back to the ladies room and put these on your luscious body”, he said as he handed you a black velvet bag.

Without a hesitation, you turned and wanted to run back to the bathroom. But you didn’t, you knew his eyes were following your beautiful legs and your saucy bottom that was sexily undulating as you strutted. Knowing that you were naked under your dress added naughtiness and exhilaration to your wanton behavior. You found an empty stall and loosened the drawstring of the bag and first removed, what appeared to be a pair of gold alligator clips connected by a thin fine gold chain. You knew these clips were intended for your nipples. Carefully, you lifted your dress over your head and hung it on the back of the stall door. You almost cried out in pleasure as the material of the dress scraped across your unbelievable sensitive nipples. Never had your nipples been larger or extended out as much from your large brown areolas. You opened the first clip and carefully placed the pincers over your left nipple. As you released the clip, your body physically spasmed because of the pleasure you felt in the glorious pain that emanated from your breast. Quickly, you attached the second clip and the same spasm of pleasure caused you to emit an involuntary squeal of excitement. Your breath was being taken away from you in waves of sexual excitement and you didn’t care who heard you. You only wondered why had it taken so long for you to find a man who really understood your wanton needs and desires.

An unconscious moan of anticipation accompanied the removal of the next item from the bag. It was a thong of soft and luxurious leather. You couldn’t help but bring the leather to your nose and deeply inhale the unmistakable scent of fine leather. The tip of your tongue snaked out to experience the slightly bitter taste of the buttery soft thong. This was not an ordinary thong. Along the crotch were snaps and attached to 3 of the snaps were small instruments of pleasure. Intuitively, you knew exactly what they were to be used for. The most forward snap had a small soft plastic upside-down mushroom cap that you knew was meant to gently cradle your clit. The middle snap held a small 2-inch dildo-like piece that you couldn’t wait to fit inside your yearning hot labia. The third and back most piece almost caused you to spontaneously orgasm. It was a thin cylindrical piece of hard plastic about 3 inches long. This was to be inserted up your rectum. How did this stranger know about your anal fantasies that had never been shared with a living soul.

You decided you had to put the thong on back-piece to front. You furiously licked the plastic tubing for lubrication. As you licked the tube you couldn’t help but start sucking and wishing your lips held the beautiful stranger’s erect cock. in your mouth. Once the anal device was dripping wet, you squatted down and place the tip at the entrance to your anus. With your muscles relaxed, you gently pushed the piece inside your rectum. Oh, the exquisite feeling as it slid up your ass caused you to moan and shake. All you could do was close your eyes and mentally envision this slim foreign object comfortably fitting inside of your bottom. Your sphincter muscles involuntarily spasmed and sucked the tubing deeper into your ass. This erotic and dirty feeling of pleasure was washing over you. It felt so freeing and wonderful to finally open yourself to pure physical pleasure and satisfaction.

You now focused your attention on inserting the small dildo plug into your vagina. You had never been so hot and wet in all of your life. The rounded head easily slid through your moist lips of pleasure and you felt every tiny sensation as it spread and entered your vaginal opening. You instantly became helpless as the plug filled your pussy. This stranger was cruel because you so wanted to be filled and pleased by the dildo, but the 2 inch size was just large enough to fit all of the way inside you but not big enough to fully penetrate and fill you to the depth that you desperately needed. Your vaginal muscles contracted tying to bring the plug in deeper, but the only result was that it added to your level of arousal and wetness. Internal juices were openly running down the inside of your thighs.

You felt the plug and anal tubing move inside of you as you bent slightly to place the small cup over your engorged clit. The rosebud of sensation was fully extended and a deepness of red that you had never seen. As you pulled the thong up and over your front hips, the combined pleasure points caused you to become motionless. All you could do was stand still, with your eyes closed, and luxuriate in the feelings of physical bliss. Soon, the reality of your newly incensed physical cravings brought you out of your revelry. You needed to get dressed and have the stranger replace these toys with his body parts.

As you strutted back to your stranger, the physical points of pleasure almost caused you to orgasm as you walked. The nipple clips tightened and pulled as your bra-less breasts bounced with each step. The introduction of pain to your pleasure threshold was an unexpected and hidden thrill. The anal tube, dildo and clit cup moved inside of you with each purposeful stride. You couldn’t help but gleam and smile as you caught sight of the stranger waiting for you.

“I can see by the look on your face that you like what you are now wearing,” he began.

You responded, “I have never enjoyed anything more in my life. I have never felt more excited or aroused. I am doing things and feeling things I would never have let myself do before. I am acting like a naughty, dirty slut, but at the same time, I have never felt more beautiful, more feminine or more like a complete and total woman than I do right now. I am a woman that unquestionably adores the feelings you ignite in me.”

The stranger smiled and gave you a chaste kiss on the cheek. The touch of his lips to your skin sent bolts of fire directly from your cheek to your nipples, clit, pussy and anus adding to your sexual heat. He then leaned into your ear and quietly stated that it was time for you to leave. Without a thought of the friends you came with, you eagerly followed your handsome stranger out of the club and into the adjacent parking garage. He walked through several rows of cars until he came to a late model Jaguar sedan.

“Here we are,” he said. As he began to get inside, he instructed you to stand in front of the car. He turned on the car headlamps, got out of the car and shut the door. “Now, take off your dress,” he commanded.

You couldn’t believe that he was telling you to strip down in the middle of a parking garage. He knew what you were wearing underneath. You started to say something in disagreement when the look on his face stopped you in mid-thought.

“I told you what I want you to do and I will not tell you again,” he said in the most commanding tone. “Stand in front of the headlights so I can enjoy all of your beauty.”

The tone in his voice, the power in his words, the look in his eyes reached to the deepest recesses of your female being and you instantly felt that this man was the intended one. He was the man to open your life to the pleasures of being dominated, controlled and treated like a slave. You were to become his object of sexual pleasure to be done with or when he pleased. Your purpose was to become purely subservient and submissive to his sexual needs and desires. Your role was to please your man, nothing more and nothing less. It was as if time stood still as this female awakening overtook you. A peace and serenity entered your spirit as you realized that this man had finally brought you to your correct and intended place on earth.

You had never felt more sensual, beautiful and desired as you slowly disrobed for your man. The smile and pleasure on your face was genuine as you gladly bared your body and soul for this perfect stranger. You stood in the middle of the light and anticipated your man’s visual devouring of the female beauty that was before him. You wiggled in happiness when you saw him smile as his eyes lovingly traveled across your entire body. You could feel the heat of his gaze as it stopped and spent more time looking at the handiwork created by the sexual toys that you were proudly wearing. The pleasure that you were receiving, merely by providing him visual pleasure, was the most pure and satisfying you had ever experienced. You knew even more at that moment that the giving of pleasure was why you were put on this earth.

“Excellent, my beautiful one, “ he added gently. “Your internal beauty is becoming even more evident as you realize your true purpose. I now want you to remove the clips and thong.” This time there was no hesitation in your actions, even though you would rather have continued receiving their stimulation. “That is a much more obedient and beautiful woman, good for you,” he praised after you removed the toys from your body. “Get on the hood of the car. Face down and spread eagled,” he commanded.

You immediately positioned yourself in front of the car and crawled on top of the hood. Shocks of pleasure rippled through your body as your hot erect nipples came in contact with the cooler metal of the hood. The heat in your pelvis welcomed the coolness of the car’s metallic touch. Your increased comfort in your sexuality was evident in that you could not keep from rubbing and grinding your nipples and mons against the hood of the sedan. The feelings of excitement were heightened knowing that you were displaying yourself in public and that anyone walking by could literally see all that you had to offer. This newly found sluttiness allowed you to focus on maximizing your erotic delight and physical pleasure.

“You are a hot little whore and slut, aren’t you?” mused the stranger. “You will find greater sexual stimulation if you shimmy your hips down to where the Jaguar hood ornament can come into contact with your clit and labia,” he added.

You really didn’t think or care about how this may have looked to someone else, as you followed your stranger’s instruction. Here you were trying to sexually please yourself using an automobile as your tool of

satisfaction. But, your man was exactly correct. The moment your hot and hard clit came in contact with the cool metal cat sparks began to fly. You could not grind your hips any faster or harder into the ornament. You were moving your thighs down the cat feeling long the hood ornament spreading the silken lips of your pussy. The fire and frenzy was upon you. The sensations were taking control and were becoming the only priority. You were close to coming when you started to thrash and moan in ecstasy. You quickly tried to hold the squeal of delight in your throat for fear that other people may hear it…and then it happened.

CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! The stranger had spanked your bare bottom 3 times. You screamed in pain, delight, pleasure and fulfillment. The most intense orgasm ever came upon you like a tidal wave. Starting at your red-spanked bottom, to your engorged clit and nipples to your pleasure racked brain delirium rolled over you. You could feel each individual finger and hand print on your bottom. The pain was exquisite and the pleasure was indescribable. There seemed to be a direct connection from each point of spanked pain to corresponding points of pleasure in your brain. You had never been spanked before and you now found out that you wanted more of it…the pain…the pleasure…the humiliation…the domination…the control… all contributed to a heretofore unknown level of pleasure and erotic taboo.

Once you were able to get your wits about you, you looked back over your shoulder to your stranger. “You never stifle any form of verbal, mental or physical pleasure. It is an experience to be savored and enjoyed as it overtakes you,” the stranger told you angrily. “I was pleased how you responded to the hand, I believe you’ll enjoy the lash even more. Now get down from the car and kneel before me with your back straight, arms to your sides and your knees far enough apart that I can see your slit and silken lips of pleasure. It is time for the ritual of passage that has been passed down through the ages. You must commit to me before I reward you by giving you a new name,” he explained.

Kneeling in front of the stranger in such a vulnerable and submissive posture felt incredibly comfortable, natural and arousing. “I don’t know what I’m supposed to say in this commitment passage,” you offered. “Please just tell me and I will say anything that you want.”

“Close your eyes, breathe and look deeply into your soul,” he instructed. “I recognized the fire in your belly the moment I saw you . Pleasure slaves are the rarest of diamonds to find. You are descended from an age and tribe of long ago that was revered and protected because of their rare beauty and value. You must get in touch with your innermost female being and recite the words of commitment for this relationship to continue to increased levels of passion.”

Complete relaxation set in as you closed your eyes and looked deeply into your evolutionary past. Suddenly, a warm and comforting light embraced you and you saw the words appear in your mind’s eye. You opened your eyes and looked directly into the incredible blue eyes of the stranger and recited,” I commit to you fully in body, mind and soul. I commit to fulfill your desires and commands without hesitation. You are my world, you are my Master and I am your slave. I eagerly await the name you give me.” Tears of happiness and joy were streaming down your cheeks. Inner peace reigned within your heart and soul. You had found your rightful place, at the foot of your Master.

“What name are you to give me, Master?” you asked. There had never been more natural words come out of your mouth. The word Master rolled off of your tongue as easily and as refreshing as water.

You could feel your Master look inside of you as he thoughtfully replied, “Your name is what you represent and what you enjoy most in the entire world. Your name is…Pleasure.”

Your beaming smile answered your approval.

“Master, you have given Pleasure much delight and satisfaction. What can I do to please you?” you asked.

Your Master responded, “Pleasure, I want you to think and tell me how you will give me delight and erotic satisfaction.”

You thought, you beamed again and you replied….

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