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7/25/2005 3:50 am

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One trip is all it took
We were sitting on the water
in a tiny little boat
turtles sunning on the
fallen trees ...

Wine running down my throat
We saw so many lily pads
on the lake that day.
It was almost heaven
to be with you ...

Light reflected off the water
into your beautiful blue eyes,
bringing back memories
of passions past
and times remembered.

When nights were long
and days were warm
When you would touch me
feel me, take me completely
when you'd want ...

Your hands began their
blissful journey always
in my hair.
Your face would join them
taking in the scent from there ...

You would kiss my cheek
then kiss my lips
with my head held in your hands.
My eyes would close
as my lips would part.

You'd always leave me
without a care
for what you'd do to me.
I'd feel your breath
and the wetness of your tongue.

As your mouth would penetrate
and our tongues
would become one.
The tingle in my body grew
I'd have to have you now ...

You'd softly kiss me
on my face and neck and mouth.
Your hands would start to wander
to the places that you love.
Touching gently down my back

You'd caress me into ecstasy
I'd watch you lower yourself
onto your knees.
Kissing my breasts
and licking my nipples ...

Looking up into my face.
Your hand would touch all over,
until they found the place
where I was moist and wet
for you.

You would look into my eyes
and slip your fingers
gently between my thighs
only to bring them back
to your mouth to savor ...

The sweet scent
and taste of me.
My head would fall back
and my eyes would close
as you touched me how you like

You'd part my legs and
lower your head to where
my wet flavor waited.
You'd lick and suck
penetrate me with your tongue ...

Massaging and caressing
my wanting lips
as only you can do
probing tasting,
wanting more of me.

With your strong fingers
you would open me
for a better view
as you licked and looked
and tasted

What was for only you.
You'd fill me with your fingers
and tongue until my back would
arch and I would cum
saying your name out loud.

Then you'd try to taste
my wetness all the more.
You'd rise up on your feet
and guide me to a place
that you could really enter me ...

And satisfy your urgent need
to feel warm, soft wetness
surround you.
You'd push your way inside me
and moan my name ...

As our hot wet bodies collided
over and over again.
We'd rock and kiss
and hold each other
until your seed was spent.

We'd collapse
and lay together
Until we did it again ...

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