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Blow White

Once upon a time, there was a woman who had a daughter that had skin white as snow, a mouth red as blood, and hair black as ebony. These were not the girl's natural colours, but she was into goth, and used hair dye and make-up to look that way. She wasn't the woman's real daughter either, but her stepdaughter.

The two of them lived alone together, after the girl's father had died. This wasn't a very happy arrangement, as they didn't get along very well. The woman was very jealous of her stepdaughter, who was young and pretty (in spite of the heavy make-up), and had big tits and a firm ass. The girl was rebellious and full of herself, like most teenagers are, and she enjoyed making all of her stepmother's male friends drool after her instead of her stepmother.

* * * * *

When the girl turned 18, they had a small party. Both of them were relived that she finally turned 18, so that she could move away from home. During the party, the girl, whose name was Chloë, went out into the garden to have a little fresh air. She didn't like the cigarette smoke inside the house. She leaned against a tree and looked up at the starry night sky.

"What are you doing out here all alone, little Chloë?" said a voice.

Chloë turned around and saw one of her stepmother's lovers standing there; his eyes gliding over her body in an unmistakably lustful way.

"Just wanted a little fresh air," said Chloë, and leaned closer to him.

"My, Chloë, you've grown," said the man, and put a hand around one of her big tits. "You're a grown woman now!"

"Well, I'm 18," said Chloë. "I'm of legal age..."

She didn't have to say anymore. The man pulled off her blouse, freed her from her bra, kissed her big breasts, and sucked like a baby on her puffy pink nipples, until they turned into had little knobs. Chloë moaned with pleasure.

"Suck me!" said the man, and pushed Chloë down on her knees.

Chloë opened his trousers and took out his semi-hard tool. She took all of it in her mouth and sucked on it until it got hard and thick. The man held her head in a firm grip and fucked her mouth rapidly. He was just about to come when they were interrupted.

"What the fuck are you doing???"

Chloë and the man hastily drew away from each other. The wicked stepmother stared at them, furious.

"Chloë, go to your room," she said. "I'll deal with you in the morning."

Chloë picked up her clothes and ran back into the house.


The wicked stepmother staid up all night, fuming with rage, and plotting how to get rid of Chloë, who she now knew would steal all her lovers away from her. At first, she thought of different ways to make Chloë ugly, but then decided that such a punishment wasn't enough - Chloë had to die! The next morning, she made a phone call...


The wicked stepmother walked into the kitchen where Chloë was eating her breakfast.

"You're not staying one more night in this house," said the wicked stepmother. I've arranged for a moving company to drive your stuff over to a youth shelter this afternoon."

Chloë made a face, but there was nothing she could do about it, so she went to her room to start packing. At 2 PM, a large van marked "Hunter's Moving Company" pulled up next to the house. A tall, beefy guy named Hunter helped Chloë get her stuff onto the van, and off they went. At first, Chloë was merely staring out of the window, sulking, but then she woke up from her self-pity and really started to LOOK outside the window.

"Where are we going?" she said.

To her shock, Hunter drew a big knife.

"You're getting off at the next stop," he said

"My stepmother put you up to this, didn't she?" said Chloë. "Look - I don't have any money, but I'll give you a blowjob if you let me live."

"Don't bother, sweetheart," said Hunter. "I'm gay."

"You can close your eyes and pretend that I'm a man!" said Chloë. "Come on, give me a chance! I'm really, really good!"

"Oh, all right," said Hunter, and opened his pants. "If you do a good job, I'll let you go!"

"He closed his eyes and fantasized about Brad Pitt in wet leather, while Chloë went down on him.

Since Chloë really WAS good, it only took a few minutes before he shot a major load into her mouth, and she swallowed all of it for extra credit. After all, her life was at stake here!

"Whow, that was great!" said Hunter.

"Does that mean that you'll let me go?" said Chloë.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." said Hunter, and tucked the knife away. "But I'm keeping your stuff! I can get a few bucks for it on eBay. Now get out of here!"

Chloë didn't argue, she jumped out of the van and ran away.


Later that evening, she curled up in an alley with an old cardboard box for a bed, and a newspaper for covers. She was cold and hungry and felt miserable. What would she do now? She had no proper schooling, and would hardly find a job anytime soon.

"I could always become a hooker," Chloë thought to herself.

"Hey, girl! What are you doing out here?"

Chloë looked up. There was a very short man standing in front of her. From the look of his arms and legs, he was a dwarf.

"I've got nowhere to sleep," said Chloë.

"Well, you can't sleep outside tonight," said the dwarf. "It's gonna rain. Come with me!"

Chloë followed him into a jewelry store and upstairs to a flat. There was a whole group of dwarves up there, of varying ages.

"Who's that?" said one of them.

"I found her out in the alley, next to the garbage cans," said Chloë's helper. "She's homeless."

"Why'd you bring her here?" said another dwarf coolly. "Her problems aren't ours!"

"Please, I've got nowhere to go!" said Chloë. "My wicked stepmother threw me out of the house and tried to have me murdered!"

"What did you do, steal the fine silver?" said a 3rd dwarf.

"No, I gave her lover a blowjob," said Chloë.

The dwarves went into a huddle, then they turned to her.

"You can stay here with us," said the oldest one. "We'll make sure you have plenty to eat, nice clothes to wear, a comfortable bed - IF you agree to cook and clean for us, and do whatever we ask of you in bed!"

"All right," said Chloë, figuring that if she was going to be a hooker, it would be better to only have 7 regular costumers, and a roof over her head.

"I'm Fock," said the oldest of the dwarves. "And that's Humpy, Deepy, Sleazy, Gropey, Lashful, and Papi."

"I'm Chloë White," said Chloë.


And so, Chloë moved in with the 7 dwarves an became their housekeeper and mistress. Every day, she cooked them 3 meals, washed the dishes, cleaned up after them, and spent several hours every day napping, to be fit for the night's chores. The dwarves liked to do things together, which meant that once Chloë had pleasured the last one, the 1st one had caught his breath and gotten horny from watching the others fuck Chloë, and so he wanted another go, etc. Chloë never got any rest before 3 AM. She learned that they all liked different things. Fock was happy with a simple blow job, Deepy wanted her to ride him, Gropey wanted to rub his cock between her big tits, Papi liked it doggystyle, Sleazy was crazy about her ass, Lashful worked himself into a frenzy by spanking her, and Humpy wanted to borrow her bra and panties and get fucked with a strap-on.

It was all rather tiresome, but also rather fun. The only thing Chloë didn't like was the fact that they all had teeny, tiny dicks that never filled her up sufficiently. She'd get extremely aroused by servicing the dwarves, but every night she was left horny and unsatisfied.

Still, she did everything they asked her to do, and soon she was so good at sucking their dicks that they changed her name to Blow White.


One day, the wicked stepmother came to the jewelry store with one of her latest lovers, to buy a diamond necklace. While they were in the store, Blow White came back from grocery shopping. She didn't see her wicked stepmother among all the other costumers, but the wicked stepmother saw her, and when no-one was looking, she sneaked upstairs after Blow White.

"You little slut!" said the wicked stepmother, and Blow White gasped at the sight of her. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be dead!"

"I persuaded Hunter to spare my life if I gave him a blowjob," said Blow White. "Now I live here, with the dwarves!"

"You perverted bitch!" the wicked stepmother spat out. "You're the sex toy of 7 dwarves?"

"I like it!" said Blow White. "They give me good food, nice clothes, and unique jewels!"

She showed her stepmother all the pretty necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches and rings that the dwarves had given her. The wicked stepmother was furious that her stepdaughter was getting more - and prettier - jewels than herself. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a syringe filled with narcotics. (She was very much into that thing.) Before Blow White had time to react, the wicked stepmother stabbed her with the syringe, injecting the drugs into Blow White's arm. Blow White collapsed onto the floor. The wicked stepmother chuckled, and discretely snuck back downstairs and joined her lover.


The dwarves found Blow White on the floor when they had closed the store and came back upstairs for dinner. They were shocked to find her lying lifeless on the floor, and tried to wake her up, but nothing worked. Finally, they concluded that she was dead, and so they dressed her in a nightgown and drove her off to the hospital, where she was immediately transported to the morgue.


That very same night, a young homeless man named Eddie Prinze Jr was out in the streets looking for shelter. He came across the hospital, where he noticed that the door to the morgue was unlocked. (Gropey had forgotten to lock it.) Most people would think twice about spending the night in a building full of dead people, but Prinze wasn't scared. Besides, it was dry and warm in there, and he could probably find something soft to sleep on.

He went in, and walked around looking for somewhere to sleep. He came into what looked like a lab, and there, on a table, lied Blow White. Prinze had never been into necrophilia before, but when he saw the half-naked beauty with the big tits, he just knew that he had to have her.

He took off her nightgown, and began kissing her all over; her lips, her neck, her breasts, her stomach, and her black-haired pussy. He got up on the table and parted her legs. He pulled his pants down and jerked his big, limp dick until it was huge and hard, spit on it to lube it up, and drove it into Blow White's tight hole. He humped her hard and fast, and sucked on her reddish nipples as he did so. All of a sudden, Blow White's body jerked violently. Prinze was both surprised and scared, but by now he was so close to coming that he couldn't stop himself. Blow White's body began moving by itself, the pussy was wet with a warm fluid, and suddenly she opened her eyes, put her arms around him, moved her hips up to meet his thrusts, and she moaned and groaned as they both came at the same time.

Prinze had never seen such a beautiful girl in his life, nor met someone who gave such great response - after all, how many girls come back from the dead to fuck with such frenzy?

Blow White, on the other hand, had never been fucked by such a big and impressive cock, and for the first time in her life, she had an orgasm. The two of them fell in love right then and there. After they had rested for a while and caught their breath, they found an unguarded staff room where they sat down and planned their next move. When the morning came, they walked over to the wicked stepmother's house, where they simply barged in and started fucking on the coffee table, in front of the wicked stepmother and her lover.

When the wicked stepmother saw that Blow White had not only survived what she had hoped to be an overdose, but also gotten herself a well-equipped, good-looking young stud, and witnessed how many times he could make her come, she died of jealousy.

And so Blow White inherited the house, she and Prinze moved in, got married, and fucked happily ever after!

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