Angel on Fire  

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Angel on Fire

Vicky woke up in a darkened room. She couldn’t see anything, but quickly realised she was bound hand and foot, and couldn’t move. She tried to remember how she'd got here, but it was faint, a long way away. The last thing she could remember was a hospital, feeling very tired, a terrible pain in her chest then blackness. She also felt different now, the aches and pains seemed to have gone and she felt strong again for the first time in years.

A light came on, and suddenly a terrible vision was before her. Red skin, large canines, bushy eyebrows and little pointed horns. Eaakk. Traditional devil outfit.

The devil stared at her and said, "Well you damn well took your time getting here!"

"I'm sorry," Vicky replied in a small shaky voice, she realised she was naked and vunerable.

"I've been waiting for you Vicky. I've been waiting for 63 years just for you. For God's sake you lived to be 97 years old, and I've been languishing here all that time waiting to say Thank you."

"Thank you?" says Vicky with a puzzled look.

"Ah, you don't remember me do you? Is this better?" The demonic face disappears and now in front of her is an ordinary man in sweater and jeans. "I was one of your clients when you worked at Temple Solutions."

A light dawns in Vicky's head and she feels a little bit reassured, but still being bound to the table was still worrying her a little, as was the fact she was naked. The man looked over her youthful body, firm flesh, nice not oversized breasts, shaved pussy, Vicky was a tad plump but knew that she was what some men referred to as stacked. She was bound at each corner to a hard table at waist height to the man. The bindings were tight on her ankles and wrists.

"My name is Arroway. You arranged the Big Bang finale for me when I was dying of cancer. I never got to say thank you at the time, but I've thought of you many times over the years. I've worked up though the ranks to this position of supervisor and so I was able to put a request on your case."

"My case?" asks Vicky , the edge of fear showing in her voice.

"Where do you think you are Vicky?"

"emmm Hell?" she replies.

"Well done, spot on, you died and are now in the glorious state of hell. Bit like Texas only hotter, with worse taste in décor. The scales came down against you and you were sent here for eternal damnation."

A fit of trembling hits her and she sobs, "I didn’t do anything wrong. I tried to live a good life helping people."

"Ah well. God ruled that assisting suicides is a sin. You had a plate full of that and what's more enjoyed it too, if I remember correctly." Arroway had an evil grin on his face.

"That’s not fair. I saved those people a lot of suffering. I was doing what I thought right."

"Doesn’t matter. It's all there in the bible. If it's any consolation, I was sent here for committing suicide. Just because we thought the bible was a load of outdated tosh, doesn’t make any difference. Rulz is rulz. Now I've got you and have to give you your induction course."

"Induction course?"

Arroway explains, "Yes, a course of mild to severe torture depending on sins, and the supervisors inclination. After that we assign you permanent quarters then find you a job suitable to your skills and status as serf."


"The lowest rank in hell. It goes serf, bondsperson, trusted, supervisor, fiend, archfiend, then his Almighty Ungodliness at the very top. Of course there are deputy this and deputy that in between, but if you think of the whole set up as a feudal system you'll get the picture. Ah I forgot, until you complete you’re induction you're not even a serf, you are lowest of the low and you're all mine. Your first lesson is that you must call me Master. In fact anybody above you're rank, eg everyone at the moment, is Master, Mistress or Sir."

"Yes Master." Vicky remembers a similar scene many years ago. But this time the roles are reversed.

"Good, remember that and we'll get on famously, just like in the old days. Now because I owe you so much from back then, I'm bending the rules a little and going to make this as easy on you as possible. As long as you do everything I say without complaint or hesitation, we can have a little fun on the way. I'll also break the rules again by staying in my human form just for old times sake."

"Yes Master." Vicky plays along realising things could be far worse.

"Okay to start with, I want you to think back. You made a cast of my penis when I was in your care. What happened to it?"

"Well Master, I used the wax cast to create several latex versions of you, a couple of the girls liked you and I wanted one as well for myself."

"That’s good and what did you do with the cast after you had made it?"

Vicky's nipples rose at the thoughts of what she done with it, "I used it to pleasure myself."

Arroway raises his voice, "That’s not the Vicky I remember, what sort of language is that? Tell me it properly!"

"Yes Master. On nights when I was lonely, I used it to fuck myself until I came." Vicky felt tingling in her pussy lips.

"How?" he asks.

"I would slowly rub it against my cleft until my pussy was moist then I would circle my clit until it was so sensitive and I needed to cum. After that I slid it between my pussy lips and thrust it deep and hard until I came."

"And did you only cum once with it?"

"No Master, after I came I would go back to circle my clitoris with it until I was ready to cum again. I would do that 3 or 4 times in a night until I was too exhausted to cum more." Vicky explained, her clit was itching at the thought.

"And was I your favourite dildo?"

"Of course Master. Your shape was the most perfect I'd found."

"But only six inches, didn't you want more?"

"No master size isn't everything." Vicky suddenly grins at the thought.

"Stop that, I'm disgusted with you. What you have told me is despicable. That you only came 3-4 time a night was a terrible waste. For that you are going to have to pay. Your induction sentence will be to have all the orgasms that you should have had when using that dildo of me." Arroway smiles at the thought., then points at the wall. Two large counters appear , one is labelled 'Days' and is on 1, the other is labelled 'Orgasms' and is set at 10,000. "Well, that ought to do it, when the second counter reaches zero your induction is over."

Vicky gulps, "10,000? That’s going to take forever!"

"Have you got anything else planned for your eternity in hell?" He asks.

* * *

The day counter is still on 1, and the orgasm counter still reads 10,000.

"Well, time waits for no-one, lets get started. First lets make you more comfortable." Arroway snaps his fingers, and the bare wooden table Vicky was on softens, padding swells out, and the wrist and ankle restraints relax a little.

Arroway sits on the edge of the table, and starts gentle rubbing Vickys breasts. "I must explain a few things about things here." He continues to caress her, and her nipples poke up hard. "Reality is what we make it, the higher in rank and the longer you’re here the more easily you can create and control it." He squeezes her left nipple. "You've come back in this gorgeous form that I remember because that’s how you always saw yourself. Even when you were wearing a 90 year old body, in your minds eye you always felt 25." He now pulls on the nipple and it stretches slightly. "But here you can be what you like, or what I like as you're currently mine." He pulls harder on her left nipple and it stretches further.

Vicky gasps as she sees her nipple is now 3 inches long, and thinner than before. It still feels hard to her and as sensitive as before, in fact the stretching itself was quite an exquisite sensation and was sending tingles down to her pussy. Arroway continues to pull and stretch her nipple, first to 6 inches then to 12 inches. The nipple stays hard but gets thinner all the time. He stopped pulling when her nipple's about 3 feet long and looks like a long piece of pink string.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm," Arroway lowers his head to her breast and mouths at the base of this long nipple, he then runs his mouth and tongue all the way along its incredible length to its tip.

"Aargggggghhh," Vicky bucks and strains at the erotic feedback this gives her and her pussy starts to get wet from her excitement.

"Hold this please my dear." Arroway places the tip of this nipple in her left hand between her finger and thumb. Although her hand is bound above her head it reaches easily.

"Yes master." She greedily rolls the nipple tip between her fingers.

Arroway takes her other nipple and stretches that to the same length.

"Please master," Vicky thrusts her pussy out which is throbbing and yearning for stimulus.

"Please what?"

"Please rub me or fuck me, do anything to me just make me cum," shes gasps.

"Soon, you'll be cumming more than you can imagine, just be patient." He clicks his fingers again, a thick pink vibrator appears suspended two feet above her chest. He takes both nipples and wraps them round and round the vibrator, and switches it on full power.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, ahhhhhhhhhhh," Ripples thrum down Vickys nipples as they resonate with the vibrations. They sing like strings on a base guitar. "Ooo I'm cumming," Vicky shouts.

Pussy pushing and grinding against thin air, she cums, and the orgasm counter clicks down to 9999.

"Very good," says Arroway. His hand strokes down her body and lingers over her pussy, which is still clenching from the orgasm. His hand lingers over her, and she feels a sharp pinch at her clitoris. He moves his hand away but the sensation in her clit lingers. This combined with the vibrations still echoing down her nipples makes her want to cum again.

"Here have this breath mint. Guaranteed to take your breath away. Be careful you don’t swallow it," he warns as he pops something small into her mouth."

She automatically sucks on the sweet and her clitoris explodes with throbs of pleasure. She moves the sweet around her mouth with her tongue, and her clit responds feeling the warmth of a tongue caressing it. As she realises she's sucking on her own clitoris, she cums again, nearly swallowing it in the process.

The counter clicks down to 9998.

"Well, I hope that’s been a good example about what I said about reality and bodily perception. Anything's possible here Vicky and I intend to show you lots of things. " A pager bleeps on Arroways belt. "Ah, I've got to pop out a while, you okay to stay like that a while?"

Vicky nods, "Mummph." Her nipples still thrumming to the music of the vibrator, the sensations are overwhelming her again as she greedily sucks on her clitoris and builds to another orgasm.

"Back soon my love," he tenderly lays a kiss on her flushed cheek then disappears in a blink of the eye.

* * *

The day counter reads 1 and the orgasm counter now reads 9993.

Arrows pops back into existence by her side. He looks over her body, she's now glistening with sweat, the leather beneath her pussy is sopping with her juices, her eyes are closed and she looks a little worn out. He can see her pink clit resting by her belly button, she must have lost it during one of her orgasms, but her nipples were still strung up high and thrumming loudly.

"Hello my dear." He glances at the counters, "I see you've been amusing yourself while I was gone, but you lost your sweetie somewhere down the line."

Vicky opens her eyes, "Please fuck me Master, my pussy aches because it's so empty, I need your hard perfect cock in me."

"Not quite yet, in a little while maybe." He picks her clitoris up, and gives it a little squeeze.

"Agggghh, please master now not later," she pleads.

He slaps his hand with the clit back against her pussy. When he removes it, the clitoris is back attached in its normal place.

He looks hard at her pussy, "Hmmm wonder if that’s the right way up." Then he clicks his fingers, the pink vibrator her nipples were tied to vanishes, and her nipples ping back like bits of elastic. Slightly smarting but back to normal as far as Vicky could see.

"Okay Vicky. It's time for your bible lessons now."

"Bible lessons? …. Why Master?" she asks.

"As part of the covenant, that his Almighty Ungodliness has with the guy up top, all sinners must be given bible lessons, in hopes that one day they can be redeemed and enter heaven, etc etc." He explains. "That only two people have ever had a transfer, goes to show that it doesn’t help much. But we've got no choice you must be taught the bible I'm afraid."

"Yes master." The thought of dull bible lessons not thrilling when what she really needed was a good fucking.

"Okay, first of all we are going to do, Eve and the Serpent."

Vickys eyes light up at these words, "Serpent?"

Arroway walks to the feet end of the table, "Yes, you know snake like thing." He clicks his fingers, and the lower end of the table splits in two. The two limbs of the table which her legs are attached to, split apart and upwards, opening her legs wide, it doesn’t stop until she's nearly doing the splits. Her pussy is left hanging over the edge now. Another click of the finger and the head end of the table raises slightly so that Vicky can see what's happening better.

Arroway moves in front of her, "Okay Vicky, there was this innocent Gal called Eve. She was out in the garden and saw the Serpent in the tree." Click. His clothes vanished, but where his cock should have been there was instead a writhing snake. The snake was about 1 1/2 feet long, and about 2-3 inches across, it was swaying side to side, its tongue lashing out just a few inches from her pussy.

Arroway continues the narrative, "So the Serpent tempted Eve, and Eve sinned. Are you tempted Vicky?"

"Yes master, I need filling, snake or your cock I don’t care, please fuck me."

He moves closer, the snake sways a little, tongue flicking out more, sniffing and tasting the air. Suddenly the snakes tongue flicks at her clit. It's like a small jolt of electricity where it touches her. It touches her again, and again and her excitement builds. Then the snake lowers slightly and bumps against her lips. It nudges and pushes until it slowly starts to enter her. The scales are slightly rough, and this gives an odd sensation as it enters her. Soon it's in as far as it can go, she's filled so deeply, and it feels good to her. She clenches her muscles against the intruder, and it responds with a sort of wiggle from side to side. She clenches again, and the snake responds in the same way. A few minutes of this and she's nearing orgasm, the snake is now thrashing from side to side inside her.

"Yes master, fuck me make me cum." She voices her enthusiasm. Finally she starts to cum, her best orgasm of the day. "Yessssssssssssssss." The counter clicks down to 9992.

Arroway pulls out slowly. The snake shrinks and turns into a normal penis. He stares at her pussy for a moment, a dark opening up into her still visible where the snake forced her open.

"By the way Vicky, you got that lesson wrong, the idea was to resist temptation. Ah well, we'll have to try that one another day," he says with a grin.

"Mmmmmm please master." Vicky says with a satisfied smile on her face.

"Sleep now my love." He clicks his fingers, the lights dim and then he's gone.

Chapter Two
Day 23 and the orgasm counter now reads 9471.

Arroway reappears in the room and Vicky awakens from her short nap. She's still in Hell bound to the padded table where she's been for the last few weeks. Her lover and tormentor walks up close to her and looks down at her.

"Come on Vicky time to get to work, only another 9471 then you can rest properly." He says referring to the penance she must pay for her crimes. "Hmmm, you do look far too comfortable there," he clicks his fingers and everything changes.

Vicky is now suspended in mid-air by her wrists, sitting astride a huge pink vibrator. It's about 5 feet long and 10 inches across, horizontally placed and she's sat on it riding it like a horse. The vibrators humming away and at the same time rotating. It has ridges down its length and as it rotates these catch against her pussy.

"Oh. Ohhhhh. Ohhhh," Vicky's pussy is already tingling with the stimulation and her juices start to coat the big pinkness of the vibrator.

"So Vicky had you ever rode one like this before?" asks Arroway.

"No master," she replies her voice a little breathless.

"And how does it feel?"

"Gooood master."

"Do you think you can cum like that?" he asks.

"I don't know master."

He clicks his fingers and the vibrations increase .

"Agggggggggggggggh. Yes master." She's now squirming on top of the pink pole, trying to get more satisfaction from it.

"Ok, when you're about to cum I need you to tell me," he instructs her.

"Yes master."

A couple of minutes pass, Vicky becomes more flushed as the vibrations course through her pussy and up her body.

Suddenly she cries, "Now master."

Arroway quickly clicks his fingers and the vibrator stops.

"Oh master please let me cum." Vicky bounces up and down but can't get enough movement to push her over the edge.

"In a second my Angel," he replies and clicks his fingers again.

The vibrator lowers away from her, and then rotates so now it is pointing directly upwards towards her. It then moves slightly upwards until she's now sitting on its apex, the big pink tip pushing against her pussy. If she wasn't strung up by her wrists, her weight would have force her down onto it and she would be split like a peach.

"Are you ready Vicky?" he asks.

"Yes master, give it to me!" She squirms against the tip, her juices running down its side.

He clicks his fingers and the vibrator buzzes back to life.

"Yes. Yes. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh master."

As she cums the orgasm counter flips down to 9470.

Vicky continues to wriggle and shake against the monster vibrating her pussy, wanting more. With a snap of his fingers Arroway obliges her. The head of the vibrator narrows to just 2 inches across, and elongates into her, stopping at when it is just 6 inches into her.

"Mooooooooooore," Vicky screams with pleasure as it penetrates, but the vibrator stays at 6 inches to her disappointment. The vibrations inside her pussy make her cum again anyway.

The orgasm counter flips down to 9469.

Now the vibrator head bends slightly just by about 3 degrees, but this makes a movement of about 3/4 of an inch at the very tip buried deep in Vickys hot pussy. Vicky barely notices the change as she's still shaking from that last orgasm. Then the vibrator starts to rotate around again, the bent head inside her pushing and stretching her deep inside. Although the tip is deep in her, with each rotation the vibrations on her G-spot increase as the lower portion inside her presses close against it, tickling her and tormenting her with intense sensations.

She starts to cum again quickly but this time it doesn't stop. "My god. My god. My god." She chants like a mantra, part of her can't stand the extreme pleasure, while a greedy part of her craves more.

Over several minutes the orgasm counter flips down, 9468, 9467, 9466, 9465, 9466, 9467 and stops.

Arroway glancing at the counter notices that it was going the wrong way.

"Curse those imps, damn shoddy craftsmen, can't do anything right!" He clicks his fingers and the counter corrects itself to 9463. Vicky doesn't see or hear this as she hangs limply from the wrist restraints in a dead faint.

Snap! and the padded table is back in place with Vicky once more bound up tight on it, her hands above her head, her legs held wide open by the two open limbs of the bed. She's still out for the count.

Arroway comes up close and examines her pussy carefully. Moistness drips from her, and the lips are angry red still pulsating from the punishment they had taken. He bends and gently kisses her clit and tastes her on his lips.

"Yes sleep a while my love. I'll be back soon."

* * *

Day 23 and the orgasm counter reads 9463.

Later that day he returns. Vickys wide awake and rested.

"Time for your bible lessons now Vicky," he tells her.

"Good master, I love doing my bible studies."

"Today we will be discussing Danielle and the Lion," he starts.

"But master, I thought it was Daniel, not Danielle?" she asks.

"Look I'm sorry if you weren't brought up with the correct versions, but this is the authorised version, how it happened, sort of. And no interrupting or I will punish you!"

"How will you punish me master? Will you beat me?" she asks with a grin.

"I might just do that. But bible first, fun later." He continues quickly. "Okay. One day Danielle was out walking in the forest when she stumbled upon a rather sad looking lion."

He clicks his fingers, and a half lion mask covers his upper face complete with wet nose and whiskers. His clothes disappear at the same moment and he comes closer to the head of her bed.

"The lion had a prick in his paw, and was so distracted by it he couldn’t hunt or feed properly." He holds his cock, and squeezes it, it rapidly swells and gets harder in front of her face.

"Danielle felt sorry for the lion and decided to help the lion by sorting the prick for him." A snap of the fingers, and the right hand wrist restraint lets Vickys hand free.

Vickys hand immediately grabs his cock, stroking and caressing it, until she could see it pulsating hard.

"You must pull the prick hard to get it out, then suck on it to cure it," Arroway adds.

"Yes master." She tugs hard at his cock, and it comes off in her hand. A shocked look briefly crosses her face until she remembers where she is and that it doesn't matter. She holds the cock up to her mouth and starts licking the top like a big ice lolly.

"Mmmmm. Yes that’s right, suck on it now, soothe it," Arroway tells her and then walks around the table and stands in front of her pussy.

"Later the lion repaid Danielles kindness."

Vickys eyes watch his face as he says this, she has his cock deep in her mouth, and her tongue lashes the underside it as she gentle sucks. She noitices that his tongue is poking out of his mouth slightly. After a few seconds more his tongue is lolling out like a dog out of breath or perhaps like a big cats. The tongue is about 6 inches long now, and Vicky sucks hard on his cock as she realises how she's going to be repaid.

Arroway lowers his head towards her groin, and gently touches the tip of his long tongue against her clitoris. It feels rough and she jumps at the sudden sharp contact and bites down a little on his cock.

"Bhey , be bearful," he admonishes her, lions tongues aren't meant for conversation. He shows her what they are meant for. Her mouth is too full for more talking anyway.

The tongue is rough against her, not like a human tongue at all. He laps at her pussy, from the bottom to right over her clit, opening her up her lips a little more with each upward pass. Now shes expecting the roughness it excites her more and her juices start to leak from her moist crack. She feels his cock in her mouth throb more urgently as the taste of her excites him. He puts the tip of his tongue in the entrance of her pussy, his wet nose pressing against her clit, and he pauses a second. The moment of anticipation sends a shiver through her, then slowly she feels his tongue enter her. It slides in easily but the roughness gives her added thrills as it caresses her inner walls.

She starts to buck up and down wildly and cums before the tongue has penetrated more than a couple of inches. The orgasm counter flips down again to 9462.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmupppppph," her muffled sounds of pleasure vibrate his cock in her mouth and she feels him start to cum as well. His tongue penetrates her deeply now and moves rapidly with his own excitement. Then he squirts into her mouth. Part of her mind thinks this is strange for some reason, but mostly she is too concerned with swallowing his semen to worry. Globs it fill her mouth with each squirt and his frenzied actions at her pussy make her cum again as well.

The orgasm counter flips down again to 9461. Arroway has stopped cumming and Vicky gently sucks on his rapidly shrinking cock, but he hasn't finished with her yet. His tongue retracts then fills her again and again, his wet nose and whiskers tickling her clitoris, until she cums a third time and the orgasm counter flips down again to 9460.

He stands and looks a second at her sweaty body. His tongue hangs out long still, and he's panting from the exertion. Clicking his fingers, he's suddenly back to normal in sweater and jeans, Vicky barely notices her mouth is now empty, as she lies back exhausted.

"Well, thank you Vicky for solving the lions problem, a lesson well learnt I think," he smiles at her.

"Yes master, but maybe we could do it again another day so I don't forget it?" she asks.

"Maybe, maybe, but for now goodnight my love pleasant dreams," and with a click of his fingers is gone.

Chapter 3
Day 71 and the orgasm counter reads 7894.

Vicky awakens to the gentle caress of her masters hand over her curves. He runs his hand over her small tummy and up under her breasts, and back down again just brushing her small patch of fur as he reaches the bottom of his arc. The tenderness of his touch sent tingles down through to her pussy, and for the first time she realised that he truly loved her and that she was his slave in love also. She hoped that they could be still together even after the induction to hell was over and the counter had reached zero.

Vicky stretches slightly and pulls against the cuffs that hold her on to the table.

"Ah. I see you're awake again. Are you ready for another day of fun and games?" Arroway asks.

"Yes master, I'm always ready for what ever you want." They had increased the number of orgasms she was having each day, and sometimes they now topped 50, but still she ached for more, her needs increasing with time and she was becoming insatiable, in heat nearly every moment she was awake.

"Good glad to hear it." He walked behind her and sat down on a stool which appeared as he lowered his body. He reached over her and gave her breasts a good squeeze, then continued to stroke them, ignoring the nipples for the moment. As her was doing this, the Y of the table with her legs attached slowly opened wide to reveal her moist shaven crevice.

"Well what have we in store for you today? I was thinking back and I remembered that you once played a trick on me with some hot wax, so I thought I could return the favour." He held her head and pointed her to look high above herself. About 10 metres up she could see a jug floating in mid-air, it was poised directly above her pussy. As she watched it slowly tipped, and a small glob of hot wax started to fall.

"huuuuh," she breathed in suddenly. The wax blob seemed to be taking ages to fall and she felt herself tense in fearful anticipation of it reaching her tender parts.

"Auggggggh, oohhhhhh, hot" she moaned as it hit directly on to her prominent clitoris. Some of the wax splattered on to her thighs, but as the wax was still quite hot none had set on her clit most of it ran down into her crack, and hardened there. Her clitoris was throbbing in reaction and already she could see another blob falling towards her.

"Well do you like that?" Arroway asks. His hands resuming the caresses on her breasts, now stopping to pinch her nipples, that were pointing up high.

The second blob hit, "oooooooooooh its too hot master," Vicky complained.

"No, I'm sure its just fine. Isn't it?" he asks again with a stern tone to his voice.

"Yes master," Vicky replied compliantly.

Vicky was now holding her breath in between each drip of wax, the agony of the wait before it hotly hit her sensitive nub sending tremors down her body. Each time it hit she breathed out in a moan that was slowly turning from shock to pleasure. The intense sensations of the wax hitting her was following by the warm flowing feelings as it leaked down over inflamed lips. Arroway was now concentrating on Vicky's nipples, he could see her chest had started to flush and feel her heartbeat quicken. He pinched, and stroked and rubbed while drip after drip splashed down into her.

Arroway looks to the jug and says, "Faster." It complies readily and the drips beat down on Vicky's clit with new vigour.

"Faster." He says again. The drips now rain down in time to her beating heart. Vicky lets herself go, thrusting her pelvis up to the deluge of hot wax that’s pouring onto her.

"Yes. Yes. More, pleaaase more master, " she shouts as she cums, violently thrashing against the wrist and ankle restraints.

The orgasm counter flips down to 7893.

The drips don't stop there, and the wax still hits her, she surrenders to it totally and cums in a chain of orgasms that don't stop until the counter says 7884.

Arroway clicks his fingers and the jug disappears. He moves around to the other end of the table and carefully examines her wax encrusted pussy, as she lies back sweating and panting from the exertion.

"Hmmmm." The wax comes off in one chunk. "This looks pretty good to me. I think a cast of it would make a good ashtray." He sets the wax aside. "I'm sorry Vicky no time to rest, now its time for something completely different."

"Yes master." Different in hell could mean anything at all.

He stays at her pussy, and slowly brushes away the odd crumbs of wax left on her. He then starts to stroke and rub the lips pulling and teasing her until he can feel her start to respond again. He moves his hands up and concentrates on her little jutty clitoris.

"Well, this little thing will never do. I want to see a bigger clit than that." He pulls hard on it and it throbs in response. "I want you to think it bigger for me. Each time I say that word, I want you to concentrate on it, and think what it would be like to have an enormous clitoris. Yes?"

"Yes master. Bigger," she responds slightly out of breath.

"Yes bigger!" he says.

"Bigger." She concentrates hard and feels a throb as it grows.

"Good," he looks at the clit which now juts out by 2cm and continues to squeeze pull and stroke it, "Bigger." He chants again.

"Bigger." Vicky concentrates hard, and feels another pulse of growth.

Arroway sees the clit grow to 4cm. Vicky's juices are leaking from her pussy as she nears another orgasm, he dips his finger in and smears this over her large clitoris. "Bigger!"

"Ooooooh, bigger." She responds faintly to the burst of growth as she's overwhelmed by a powerful orgasm.

The counter flips down to 7883.

"Bigger!" Arroway chants again, his hands moving over her as if he was shaping something of clay.

"Yes, bigger." Extraordinary sensations were filling Vicky's mind, racking her body with pleasure blotting out all thought.

The chanting back and forth continued for 3 more orgasms, the counter flipping down each time.

"Look at that, its bigger than mine." Arroway says at last. Vicky's eyes had been shut, and she now opens them and stares at the protuberance jutting out of her legs.

"God!" Vicky gasps as she see's she now has a cock growing out of her groin, she can still feel her pussy below it, but where her clit had been now sits nicely proportioned 7 inch cock. Erect and throbbing hard as Arroway continues to stroke it. Vicky clenches her muscles and can see it respond with a large pulse.

Arroway grins at her response, "Guess what we're going to play now!" Without waiting for a response, he lowers his mouth to her cock and slowly starts to kiss, then lick and finally suck it. At the same time he thrusts two fingers into her wet snatch and finger fucks her.

"Oh suck it, oh yes, please master, ahhhhh, nooooooooooo" Vicky is blasted by the combined sensations from her groin and quickly cums again. Her new cock, clenching automatically trying to shoot cum it hasn’t got, literally firing on empty, and her pussy responds with it own separate orgasm, the two cums reverberate through her body.

The counter flips down to 7878.

With a last kiss to the top of her cock Arroway pulls his mouth away and stands up, he pulls his finger from her pussy and licks them clean.

"Please master more, make me cum again, I want more," Vicky pleads.

"Wait," he replies curtly, and swiftly reaches down and grabs he cock hard. He yanks and it is free in his hand, but its starts to rapidly shrink.

He holds it by the base and smacks it firmly against the top of the table.

"Owwwwwwww," Vicky cries.

Thud. "Nooo, not my cock master."

Thud. "Ohhhhhhhhhh"

Her cock starts to stiffen again. Thud, thud, thud. Arroway now holds the cock against the lips of her pussy. Vicky can feel the combined sensations of the warm lips against the crown and vice versa. He parts her hot lips with it and slowly penetrates her with her own cock.

"Ooooh. Please master, faster."

He picks up the pace, and soon she cums again with her cock. Her pussy then cums in response, and the clenching sets her cock going again. Arroway doesn’t stop fucking her, until she faints away from pleasure.

The orgasm counter reads 7869.

Vicky awakens to moist sucking sounds, and finds the cock is again part of her, and Arroway is busy licking her pussy juices from it.

"Oh master, thank you master," she murmurs.

"That’s okay my love, your punishment is my pleasure," he replies and clicks his fingers.

Just above the tip of her cock, a strange device appears. It looks a bit like a mangle, but has 2 sets of rollers, one set after the other but perpendicular to each other.

"No master, please not my new cock, please let me keep it a bit longer. Please?" Vicky realises what's going to happen without being told.

Arroway takes hold of the mangles handle, "No sorry my love, maybe you can have one on a different day. But for now it must go." He slowly starts to wind the handle.

Vicky's cock is dragged slowly into the machine, squeezing the tip first. Painful but erotic sensations hit her, as the tip is slowly flattened. The top starts to enter the second set of rollers and is then flattened the opposite way.

"Ah here's something to take your mind off it." Arroway clicks his fingers and Vicky feels her pussy filled with a buzzing vibrator.

He continues to wind the handle, and she can see the pink tip emerging from the other side, a thin strand of pink. Arroway takes hold of this with his other hand, and pulls on it stretching it further, until it reaches his mouth, he then starts sucking on it. The mangle in the meantime is slowly working down her shaft and squeezing her longer and thinner with each turn of the handle. The sensations have turned to pleasure now, and her body starts to rock towards another orgasm. As the mangle reaches the base of her cock, she cums again, the violent contractions of her pussy eject the vibrator which clatters to the floor.

The counter reads 7868.

She looks up and sees the mangle is now gone and Arroway is holding a 3 metre pink strand that was her cock. He reaches to the base, and a sharp pinch releases it from her, leaving a little tiny nub, her new clitoris. As Arroway handles and lays the string out on her tummy, she's still getting mildly pleasurable sensations from it as he handles it, he next takes the end and ties a knot it.

"Ow." A sharp pain echoes in her new clitoris as the knot is tightened.

He moves down the strand and ties another knot a little way from the first. Arroway continues until there are knots every 2 inches along the length of the strand. Vicky's puzzled by these actions and not sure what's going to happen next.

He starts to stuff the strand up into her pussy. She squirms as it enters her, but the sensations are pleasant and her pussy starts to tingle in response. He stuffs more and more of it up her, until she feels filled with the squirmy rubber strand. When she squeezes down onto it she gets another ghost echo in her clit, and she rapidly starts deliberately doing this working herself up.

"Now are you ready?" He asks, as the last couple of inches are pushed in. Only the top knot is now poking out.

"Yes master," she replies although she's not sure what for.

Arroway slowly pulls the strand out of her, pulling it up so it runs over and rubs against her clit.

"Ummmmmmmm," Vicky lets out a sigh as the 2nd knot runs over her clit.

The tables legs close tight, Vicky's legs close with them, clamping her pussy lips on to the strand. Arroway continues to pull on the strand, and now the knots pull and drag on her pussy lips as well as giving more intense feelings as they bump over her clit.

Quietly Vicky starts to cum, this time very gently, warm ripples flowing through her body as more of the knots hit her clit. This cum doesn’t end just surges and falls like she is floating in an ocean, rising with each wave. It seems to last for hours, although she knows really only minutes are passing. The orgasm slowly ebbs away minutes after the last knot is pulled from her pussy, and she drifts into a sound sleep as it leaves her.

The orgasm counter flips down to 7867.

"A good days work." Arroway says to himself as he rolls the strand up and stuffs it in his pocket. He bends and kisses a spot just left of Vicky's bellybutton. "Sleep tight my love." And then he is gone.

Chapter 4
Day 81

"Come forth," the booming voice issues from the darkness at the end of the hall.

Arroway walks forward, and stands in front of the King of liars, Lord of Hell, his most unholiness the devil incarnate. The devil sat in a throne made of bone, his red skin gleamed in the torch light and his eyes flickered like glowing embers. His huge penis was erect pointing upward from his groin, thick matt hair covered it nearly to the tip and drops of semen fell from it, sizzling as they hit the floor. A sulphurous reek emanated from this evil being, nearly knocking Arroway to his knees.

"Arroway. You have been bought here because I have heard rumours about your conduct with one of our guests. Providing them with an easy route for their induction course." The devil carefully and slowly enunciates all of the words as if English wasn't his first language, which it wasn’t.

"Yes Sir, I'm just experimenting, just to see what the result would be," Arroway replies.

"I know all about your experiment and your toy Vicky. Whilst I do appreciate a bit of inventiveness and innovation this seems to be going a little too far. This is taking far too much of your time, and I want you to finish it quickly, then I will consider the results before deciding your punishment."

"Finish quickly?"

"Yes she is currently got another 7221 orgasms to complete. You have 14 days to complete this assignment, then I will come and inspect her and see if she's insatiable as I hear." The devil grins, and his huge cock twitches as he says the word 'inspect'.

"Yes Sir." Arroway backs away down the hall glad to be out of the Archfiends presence.

* * *

The orgasm counter reads 7221 as Arroway appears in the chamber near Vicky. She's already awake waiting for her master to arrive and pleasure her. She remains bound tightly to the padded table.

"Damn nosy imps. Little sneaks." Arroway mutters.

"Master?" Vicky questions.

"We're been reported for bending the rules and got to finish your induction quickly."

"I'm not going to get my 10,000 orgasms?" Vicky asks, a feeling of loss sweeping over her.

"Yes you still have to reach 10000, but we've only got another 14 days. If you don't get there by then we're both likely to be thrown in the fiery pit for a few millennium."

Vicky does the sums in her head, "But that’s over 20 orgasms an hour, each and every hour. I can't do that."

"You can and you will my love. You must for both our sakes," he reaches down and tenderly pats her bush. "There's worse news though. He's taken a personal interest in you and intends to 'inspect' when the counter reaches zero."


"Read that as horrendously you. Most women who come out of his chambers aren't sane anymore, his cock is like a pneumatic drill but bigger and his sperm like lava. They sob and crawl about like animals in the dirt after he's had his way with them." Arroway explains.

"Can't they object, don't they know?"

"Well, its hard to say no to the Lord of Lies, plus there's an old statute in force, which says anyone who survives three of his orgasms and remains sane gets a free pass to heaven. So plenty of people men and women try, no ones beaten him as far as I know, but the Marquis de Sade got close I hear."

"What can we do then?" she asks.

"We'll concentrate on the 10000 for now, and I'll think of something before he comes for you. Damn. I also got this other memo saying more Bible instruction for you. Hmmm. Got to combine the two but speed things up." he look hard at her.

"Hmmm," he says in a more gentle voice, "Vicky, I think you are feeling drowsy, very drowsy. I am going to count back from 10 and then you will be in a deep sleep, 10, 9 ,8 ,7 ,6,5,4,3,2,1"

Her head slumps forwards as he says the number 1. She's so used to obeying his instructions that hypnotising her was simple for Arroway.

"Are you listening Vicky?"

"Yes master." Vicky responds in a sleepy voice.

"Soon you will be reading the Bible. Each time you read any word beginning with the letter 'a' you will have an orgasm. You will orgasm but not be able to stop reading. Do you understand?"

"Yes master."

"You will now awake, but remember each time you read a word beginning with the letter 'a' you will cum."

Vicky awakes, "Master?"

"It's okay Vicky," he clicks his fingers and an LCD scrolling board appears a few feet from her face.

"Bible lessons Vicky, read what's on the board." He tells her.

Words slowly start streaming across the board, Vicky does as she's told and starts to read. After a few seconds her body is racked by a massive orgasm, but she doesn’t stop reading. A few words further and her body shakes and strains at her restraints as she cums again. She can't stop reading but is now cumming at least once in every sentence. The orgasm counter is flipping down quite quickly and regularly as Vicky's body is pounded by cum after cum.

Arroway looks on, partially pleased his plan worked, partially upset because it's lost that personal touch.

"I'll be back later my love." He tells her and vanishes.

* * *

Arroway appears back in the room in the nick of time, the orgasm counter has just flipped down from 2. He snaps his finger and the LCD board disappears. Vicky sags back in relief, her body is coated in sweats, her juices have flooded over the edge of the table into a pool on the floor. The orgasm counters stays stopped at 1.

Arroway clicks his fingers and Vickys shackles disappear, she is free for the first time in weeks.

"Vicky, before we continue, I need to ask you something?"

"Yes master?"

He holds a pinkish looking ring to her, "Will you be mine forever?" he asks in a rather corny way.

"Will you make me cum over and over? Do you love me? " She asks, the order of her answers showing her priorities.

"Of course, that’s my pleasure."

"Then I am yours forever more, until the floods come and the stars fade away." She answers.

He slips the ring onto her finger. Made of a pink material, soft yet firm the ring feels strange on Vickys finger, but as she touches and examines it, it seems to go harder. Arroway gives her a second pink ring, as she takes it between her fingers she feels a small sensation in her groin. He holds his hand out for her to put it on his finger.

"And I am yours until the floods come and the stars fade away. Now whenever we are apart we will always have a small bit of each other," he tells her.

"Now we must move quickly, we haven't long before the time runs out." He snaps his fingers, and they appear in a small corridor hacked out from bare rock. Light flickers from torches in sconces every so often along the passage. Both are now wearing clothes, and the feeling of her limbs once more encased in material is strange to Vicky, as is of standing and she feels a little faint from the sudden changes.

"Up here, I couldn't get us closer as my powers weaken this close to the edge of hell."

He leads them up the passage, a sharp incline, and the passage becomes a smaller tunnel, much more hurriedly dug. Shouts and cries start to issue from down where they entered the passage.

"Quicker, their coming," he pulls Vicky along faster. Vicky didn't want to find out who 'they' were.

They stumble over a group of dirt smeared men who are shackled to an ore cart. The tunnel appears to end suddenly but on closer inspection, Vicky can see that there is a small hole leading onwards.

"Don't worry about them," Arroway indicates the men by the cart, "They're managers who overworked employees in bad conditions, I had them dig this escape route as part of their induction." Arroway pulls her down on to hands and knees. The hole is small, and their clothes are dirty and ripped by the time they make it though.

Suddenly they are out in the open, it's dark and Vicky can feel the wind and rain beating into her. They start to run across what feels like swampy grassland. Glancing back she can see torch light flicking and the shouts and yells behind them seem to be gaining.

In the dark they nearly crash into the building. It seems to be a barn, made from rough hewn logs, but its size is immense. They feel along the wall, until they find a doorway and can enter.

They are in an entrance vestibule, a large pile of fur like garments are heaped in the corner. Through a leather curtain they can hear many voices, talking , shouting and even singing. Arroway grabs a couple of the furs.

"Put this on, as a disguise," he tells her. They both don the furs and then push back the curtain and enter. The room is filled with wooden trestles and benches. Strong limbed men and women sit along them, eating drinking and generally making merry. Some appear in advance states of lovemaking on the floor while others circle each other holding axes and swords in demonstrations of martial prowess.

"It must be Valhalla," Arroway whispers to Vicky as they try to make they way along the hall, stepping over copulating bodies and avoiding the roughest fights.

Halfway up the massive hall, and a loud banging sound comes from the doorway from which they entered. A red face with horns pokes around the leather curtain, followed by a huge red body adorned with tail. The guard imps have arrived.

As the Vikings spot the invader, there are cries of surprise which then rapidly turn into war cries. Man and women alike grab weapons and run towards the stream of red faced imps who were chasing the fugitives. A battle commences in which happily the Vikings seem to have the upper hand, they sing as their axes cleave red limbs from bodies. Vicky and Arroway make their way to the back of the hall in the confusion and exit through another set of leather curtains. They easily find the backdoor, and while the sounds of battle continue, they once again set out into the darkness. Once out in the harsh weather they are glad of the furs they stole.

As dawn breaks, they find themselves leaving the Viking lands and warm sunlight beats down on them. Gently rolling fields of wheat surround them, with orchards here and there. In the distance they can see some people who appear to be wearing toga's, they appear to be sitting and talking. Birds sing in the odd tree dotted here and there. The countryside appears peaceful and tranquil.

After their hard run and escape from hell, the pair are exhausted and drop down in a heap amongst the corn. They shed the furs and their now dirty ripped clothes, and lie down to let the sun warm them.

Vicky feels a small throb which repeats every so often from her clitoris, she thinks this odd until she notices Arroway is gently stroking the ring on his finger. She touches her ring and sees his cock twitch in reaction. In the warm sunshine they slowly and tentatively merge their bodies, gentle lovemaking but satisfying none the less. Their small moans and cries are carried away on the breeze and mingle with the sounds of the wheat rustling around them.

In a small room deep in the bowels of Hell, a counter flips over and finally reads Zero.

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