1001 Kisses  

rm_Drishya 40F
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7/25/2005 3:58 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

1001 Kisses

It started out with lust.
The passion grew
With the heat of our flesh.
I devoured your entirety,
As you indulged in mine.
A primal embrace
Turned to a soft kiss-
And another.
You held me like
You've never done before.
Your kisses so foreign
To my memory.
Is this really you?
Grunts of raw pleasure-
And then another kiss.
You hold me in warmth...
Closer than close.
You're the piece to my puzzle,
And fit so perfectly.
As my body takes control;
Takes advantage of physical urges-
Another kiss.
A kiss to my inner self.
You touch me like
A brand new lover.
Your caresses so gently
Placed upon my body,
As if planned.
I melt with your breath.
Words eminate from
Parted lips-
Words never heard by my ears;
Words never directed toward me
Your words as warm
As your comforting touch.
My senses heightened
To new levels of trust.
I could have died
In those arms and never felt
Except for your body.
Each stroke of your hand
Met by a delicate slide of my fingers:
Our skin smooth,
Soothing and inviting.
Another kiss-
Followed by hundreds more.
Every one of them
A new experience.
I feel my climax approaching,
But relief matters not to me
Your touch is all I need.
Your voice is all that I long for.
Fifty more kisses
Meet my lips,
And twenty more to my neck;
Lightly breathing your
Affection onto my breasts.
A kiss of friendship to my hand...
Your fingers outline
Every curve of my figure.
I feel as though
I could stay this close to you
Take my nourishment from my body,
Deprive me of hydration,
Destroy my shelter,
Remove my possessions,
But leave me with
That touch;
That feeling that everything
Is okay.
You make me...
Make me feel like a woman.
You tell me I'm something special.
If you only knew
Of my internal churnings-
My admiration for you.
More kisses placed upon me,
More words find my ears,
More caresses soothe my everything;
But only for the time.
I wished you would stay.
I feel empty without your body...
A gaping void in my gut.
I hold on for as long as time permits.
One, two, five...
One hundred more kisses
My lips numb from your passion.
Our energy exhausted,
Our paths forking once more-
I know another day,
Another time,
Any time I wish,
I can experience you...
Again, and again.
But like this?
Like this night?
This night of one thousand
And one kisses?
This night I fell for you...
Our lips parted
From one another
For the last time this night...
One thousand and one.
I collapse in the place
Where our passion took flight.
I softly whisper your name,
Cling to my pillow,
Smile to myself
As your name escapes my mouth
Once more tonight.
I bury my face
In the fabric that witnessed our bond,
And drift off to dream:
Drunk from your scent
And still high from your kisses.

LifexLife 40M
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7/25/2005 7:10 am

i wish to find a lady do this to me.
you really perfect to descibe it in this way, you could warm me up with your words, so what will you do to me if i hold and kissed you.

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7/25/2005 11:11 am


Thanks so much for your wonderful insights. I continue to enjoy your musings, your dreams. You have a awakened senses in me I never knew I had...wonderful..thanks again. I continue to look forward to reading your writings.

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